Making it Work: Field Scout Skirt

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I completely passed over this skirt for the longest time,
then one day it hit me...
maybe, just maybe, a girl needs an underwhelming (but completely versatile) piece that allows her more vibrant pieces to shine.
As I started pairing it with different things I realized it changed color depending on what you put next to it--looking deep slate blue, camo green or even gray.
Suddenly, what I thought was a no-go, don't need skirt became the sheer definition of a wardrobe necessity.

#1 Running Errands
This chambray shirt is vintage 1980's--I can't believe we've already come full circle to this silhouette since I was a kid, but I just saw a shirt like this in Walmart last week for $10!
Just proves everything comes back around some time or other.
(Anthropologie Field Scout Skirt, Tellicherry Belt, 1980's Vintage Chambray Shirt, Steve Madden Leopard Wedges)

This J.Crew twisted tortoise headband is one of the most versatile accessories I've ever bought. It's the same color as my hair and I love that I can put it on to hold back the frizzy insanity without my hairstyle being interrupted by a jolt of color.

#2 Work
Completely understated, working neutrals in all the same shades, which I've been making an effort to do more. I feel like I'm usually just color, color, this is different for me.
(J.Crew floral tee and patent belt, Anthropologie Roaming Frills Cardi, UO ruffle flats)

#3 Trip to the park
I can't believe this is the first time you're seeing my insulated Starbucks cup on this blog, because I'm literally NEVER without it.
(J.Crew Licorice tee, Kimono Twisted Placket Blouse, Twisted Tortoise Headband, All-Star Converse Sneakers, H&M sunglasses, caffeine buzz courtesy of Starbucks)

#4 Street Festival
I think this looks the way I felt that day--relaxed and neutral.
(J.Crew tee, Ruffle Cardigan, Wood Wedges and Twisted Tortoise Headband -- see what I mean? You can hardly tell the headband's there, but it's totally keeping the frizz at bay.)

So, off for a holiday weekend!! I hope you all have a FAB Labor Day!!!


  1. I love all your different stylings of your skirt! Makes me want one too :)

  2. I am hopping over from Cat's blog to say that I LOVE and ADORE your CUTE style - you are just adorable in all your outfits, I cannot wait to recreate some (a lot) of them! I can't wait for my Field Scout skirt to arrive, now you're making me think I should consider it in this colorway too - what a great basic! The pockets really keep it from being ordinary, IMO. Thanks for all the fantastic inspiration!

    P.S - how cute are your kiddos too! I think our boys could be fast pals - mine were forever in their swim trunks this summer.

  3. Oh, that skirt is great! Too long for me (great big sad face) but I'm so glad I get to see your outfits with it. I wish I could pull off that skirt with tee layered over button up and sneakers look...I'm not sure if I'm too short-waisted for it to work on me. I'll have to play around with it later...

  4. I have the twisted tortoiseshell headband too, and I love it. Some headbands are too tight and they end up giving me headaches, but this one is just perfect.

    And I love the muted color palette that you tried. As much as I do love color, sometimes it's fun to try something different.

    PS. I gave you a teeny-tiny shout-out on my most recent post : )

  5. Just discovered your blog and I love it! Nice to see a fellow frizzy/curly girl rocking the natural curls! Always curious about what curly girls use to tame/enhance their thing I've come across so far is Aveda's Be Curly curl creme.

  6. Sharon: I use Biolage Gelee and Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Spray. Not that my frizz is in any way tamed, but it's always worth a try. =)

  7. Jan: I wish our boys could meet!!

  8. I love how you showed this skirt's versatility. i'm sad i missed out on this color of it. I'm seriously going to use some of these styling ideas! thanks!

  9. Ok. Now I need this skirt. Maybe I can find one on eBay or over at Effortless Anthropologie. I love the way you styled it different ways. Cute, Cute, Cute! Cheers!

    Girls Day Out

  10. Wow, you have some really sexy feet.


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