Meeting: Courtnee Garr

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I wanted to sport some cool glasses like Courtnee...
I would've bought 'em, too, if they hadn't had prescriptive lenses.

Just had to include this picture of us getting tickled, because right at this moment there were a ton of people staring at us, I'm sure wondering,

On Courtnee: Crocheted Clouds Dress, Pick A Bunch Cardigan, Enchanting Eyes Belt
On Kristina: Brassica Dress, Ha'Penney Cardigan, Mystery Belt

We kept telling the people taking the pictures,
"Just keep pushing the button. We're not gonna actually look at you, 'cuz we're tryin' to look like bored models here!"

On Courtnee: Konnichiwa Cardigan, Puckered Hydrangea Blouse, Campus Cargos
On Kristina: Breezy Polkas Cardigan, Raw Elements Top, Stable Skirt

On Courtnee: Pick A Bunch Cardigan, Peppered and Striped Skirt, Her Own Shoes
On Kristina: Violet Gloaming Dress, Wish You Were Here Cardigan, Rensselaer T-Straps

From us to you:

A little visual treat of full-priced Antho items and two women who can reassure their husbands that neither of us is a gnarly, little man hiding behind a blogger account.
So glad you really exist, Courtnee!!!


  1. These photos are awesome!!! I love the photography, and how fun that two stylish ladies met!!

  2. This looks SO fun! I love the outfits you two put together.. So creative & inspiring :) x

  3. What a fun adventure. I'll have to check out Courtnee's blog now too!

    Thanks for introducing us. ;)

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  4. So fun! I love your bored model poses! My fav outfits are the one you put together with the breezy polka dots cardi and stable skirt, and the one on Courtnee with the pick a bunch cardi and the peppered and striped skirt! :)


  5. You skipped the awkward part, and went straight to being besties - how FUN!!! I want to put some pretty Anthro on and flop right down on the couch with you - you two look amazing! The pictures are fantastic, you both know how to vogue. Loved the video of you too - you are a doll, Kristina!

  6. OMG! you know, it feels so GOOOOOD to be able to finally put a voice to the face! I actually had in my non-imaginative mind that you'd sound different to that..hehe
    I love your outfit in the video - the striped dress, card and belt, i SO want to copy.
    I haven't followed Courtnee yet but i think i just might after this comment! you are so cute together. that picture of you in the courtnee glasses is just adorable! I love all the pics!

  7. What a great meet-up! These pictures are amazing -- you could definitely be Anthro models. I'm glad you two were able to spend some time together -- it sounds like an amazing day!

  8. Thanks ladies!!! It really was soooo much fun! And I mean, come on! Courtney makes everything look amazing...I think I look better just standing next to her! so glad you enjoyed our little adventure! And I know, Jen, the glasses were so rad weren't they...I wish so bad they'd been fake nerd-chic glasses...they would have come home with me, but I had to keep taking them off just to see where I was going. Major reading prescription!

  9. thx for commenting! follow if you like. so ur like a seamstress, i love that. i went to some fashion classes over the summer and am slowly becoming a mini-seamstress. i made many things, with and without patterns. sewers untie!

  10. This is so fabulous Kristina, just perfect! I loved each shot with each outfit and thanks for putting together the vlog! It's funny/weird/special to hear your voice since we all depend so much on each other's written words. You guys were so brave to put this little photo shoot together at the store but glad you did because it's perfect!

  11. You and Courtnee are darling! I hope you got the Violet Gloaming Dress--I haven't seen anyone else look as good in it as you do!

  12. you two definitely need to do this again! you two are so cute together :0) so fun to look at your pics...really adorable!
    have a great day :)

  13. This was so sweet! I'm so jealous you two got the opportunity to meet!

  14. love it! so fun! I really need to do this with Jenni from Found in My Closet -thanks for the idea! You gals look great.

  15. This looks like such a fun time! And seeing that video was great :) You now seem even more sweet and endearing than before!!


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