Wearing: Mish-Mash

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yeah. So, these pictures should give you a good idea of what the one-horse town I live in looks like (oh, wait...I think we might actually have two horses now!!).
This abandoned pick-up is right across the street from Walmart, which as you know, is the shopping mecca for any good, two-horse town...hehehe

I'm wearing pieces from everywhere, practically...
trying again with the whole neutral color palette.
Hmm...what do you think?
It's just not very natural for me, so it never really looks, I don't know...Kristina-ish?
Note to self--

(H&M Dress, reworked, original post here, LOFT Cardi, ICING belt, GAP tights, MIA Cadet Booties)


  1. I love the nuetrals! You look like a pro in them. Thanks for the blog love I am a newbie so all the comments are like GOLD!

  2. I think it really works beautifully! The darker belt really grounds the rest of the neutrals! Earthy and yet really really light and airy!


  3. Fab pics as usual! I love the neutrals! Maggie worked on some things for her Etsy shop she hopes to open one day! Yeah! I never did get back to you on her blog - it's at http://thefashionmaverick.blogspot.com/

  4. sounds like my town...i love it :) cute outfit....as always!!! have a great evening :0)

  5. ou, your blog is very interesting ! :**

    if you want, FOLLOW ME ;*
    next photo will be sunday :)

  6. Hi Kristina
    I love this outfit! The neutral palette is done really well here. The neutral dress and cardi alone would have looked blah, but the belt keeps it modern and fresh. Your photos are always beautiful.

  7. I love the old pick up truck in the empty lot across from WalMart! It's so picturesque! =D (Positive reframe, right?)

  8. I LOVE your blog!!! Thank you for checking out mine!:)

  9. Just found your blog...and can I say I am in love??!! Love it!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and following. I dream of being a clothing designer, but haven't built up the courage or sewing experience yet enough to go out on my own. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit btw. If I could only find a way to steal it... maybe superimpose my head into the picture so it looks like I'm wearing it? Nahhh; it just isn't the same. lol. I'm following you back.


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