Wearing: Pastiche

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sometimes a girl just needs to feel like a girl, ya know?
This outfit totally did that for me.

Pastels? Check.
Vintage handbag? Check.
Skinny Belt? Check
Embellished Tee? Check

Even though I only wore this a couple hours, it was just what I needed after two days of non-stop foot-to-the-sewing-machine-pedal. Plus, the needle went all the way through my finger today...pulled out a nice, little chunk of skin...Argh!!!
The sacrifices I make for pretty things.

(J.Crew pastiche pencil skirt, skinny patent belt, tee, and ruffle cardi, Vintage bag, Steve Madden booties)


  1. cute combination! ugh. The needle injury sounds awful. I'm cringing just thinking about your pain!

  2. Ouch! I'm sorry about your finger! I'm glad the pretty outfit was a nice distraction - you look beautiful!

  3. Oh my goodness. As a brand new seamstress (dare I call myself that???) your story terrifies me!!!

    But your outfit on the other hand. Gorgeous and girly. I love it.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  4. Kristina, you look every inch girlie here, but have also maintained your signature Kristina self! I don't think you could ever put a foot wrong in your outfit combos.
    Im so sorry about your finger. I felt a bit of pain as i was reading your post. Yee-ouch! Hope your finger recovers speedily1

  5. You look super in the Pastiche - I always loved that one but never found it in my size!

  6. Ouch -- your poor fingers! This looks is so stellar. You took what could be a very spring-like skirt and styled it so amazingly for the fall. AND, you proved that boots and pencil skirts can be worn together. I've tried the look a few times, but ended up feeling frumpy. I think the trick is to make sure pencil skirt hits at the right place -- which you've done perfectly!

  7. Love that skirt, the print is gorgeous!

  8. Favorite! Love the "girliness!"

  9. Oh, Kristina - be careful! (Sorry, I can't help myself.) You look terrific though!

  10. Just a beautiful outfit. So perfect for Fall! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!



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