Making it Work: Orange Field Scout Skirt

Friday, October 22, 2010

(Anthro Gleaming Shoots Blouse and Looping Lanes belt, Target Presta Wedges)

Spoiler Alert: This post contains a serious amount of orange.
Viewer discretion advised!

You all know how I love color, but the Field Scout skirt isn't just orange; it's obnoxiously so.
I really only bought it back in August because it had been marked down to $20 due to a small black mark on the hem (which came out with a little stain-remover).

Some days, this skirt makes me smile and others, the color intensity overwhelms me, and I have to keep reminding myself how comfortable and great this skirt is for travelling abroad (not that a weekend trip to Cincinnati actually qualifies as travelling abroad), but if I were Jen, I'd probably be really grateful for it.

#1 Trying, TRYING to Tone it Down
(J.Crew Art Tee and Wedges, LOFT cardi)

#2 Going Basic
(Target Merona Shirt, Anthro Tellicherry Belt)

#3 Everyday Can't Be a Play Date
Something a little dressier, maybe?
(LOFT Silver Lame' Blazer, J.Crew T, Target Marylynn Suede Pumps)

#4 Although Some Days All We Do Is Play
(J.Crew Message T, Vintage Chambray Blouse, Converse Sneakers)

#5 Transition to Fall
(J.Crew Tee and Wedges, LOFT Safari Jacket)

This was later the same day. When it got too warm for the jacket, I took it off and added the belt.

#6 Back to Black
I had a harder time dressing this skirt up. It's quite slouchy, no?
(Anthro Season's Way Top, LOFT Two-Button Scuba Jacket, Steve Madden Pumps)

#7 Pretend It's Red and You've Got Nautical
(J.Crew Stripe Top and Fish Market T, UO Kimichi Blue Skimmers)

#8 When You Can't See Anything But Orange, Orange, Orange...
Just Add Black!
(J.Crew Tee, Walmart Polka Blouse, UO Kimichi Blue Skimmers)

#9 Distract the Eye with Lots of Layers
(J.Crew Merino V-Neck Vest and Pinstripe Tuxedo Button-up, Anthro Thin Links Belt, Nine West Boots)

#10 How I Wore It This Week
(Target Merona Stripe Tank, Anthro Curling Posies Cardi, Steve Madden Wedges, Charlotte Russe Fedora)

Had to show the back of the Curling Posies, love, love that bow!
Plus, I got it super cheap on Ebay.
I'm sure your eyeballs are all buggy from the orange overload, so I'm gonna stop now.
You're welcome. ..hehehe...

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Thanks so much for reading, all!!!


  1. Great outfits! I love the skirt with the denim shirt, that's a great idea

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a ton of styling ideas of this skirt! i'm bookmarking this post! I love that skirt and I love all your ways to wear it. You're right, it IS bright, but it's so cute and you've totally shown it's versatility!

  3. I bought this skirt after seeing your cute self in it and I LOVE it! I am orange's #1 fan, so I'm quite smitten with the bright've given me TONS of adorable ideas, and it's supposed to be in the 70's here this week, so I'm going to bust it out. October = wear orange month!

  4. Love these outfits! So cute & inspiring. You're always so creative!

    KF x

  5. YOu just saved mine from going back to the store... I 've had it for a while ( too bad I didnt' get it for that awesome price you did) but, I haven't worn it yet. THank you for all the ideas. The last one is my fav. since I have the sweater as well. Thanks a bunch you look super adorable in all of them!

  6. I love each of these looks, and my favorite is the look wit the light peach J. Crew tee and wedges. Such a cute color combination! I tend to steer clear of orange because of my pale complexion, but I might have to give it a second chance. Seems like the color might be more versatile than I imagined!

  7. 2 & 8 are my favorites! I don't think I'm an 'orange girl'. The color has always appaled me; but you pull it off great! Congrats on hitting 100 followers! I'm hoping to get 100 too, (I have 94 right now) so far its slow go, but I'm holding out hope that I'll have them before the end of this year, but we'll see!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. I bought this skirt because it was on supersale. It's been sitting in the closet because even though I looove color, it's a little bright:) You just gave me so many ideas! I may have to try to pull something together this week. I think my favorite is dressed down with the chuck taylor's. You look great.

    Congrats on the growth of your blog and thank you you for the gift card..woohooo!!!I'm proud to have been your first follower:D

  9. Kristina my dear, I love all of your stylings with this skirt! You've made it work beautifully, but you know I'm a fan of color :)


  10. Keep up the styling posts! Some really great ideas even if I don't like orange. You look great in all of the outfits.

  11. Fantastic Kristina!! Your outfits are so inspiring. The many looks you have created using the one skirt is incredible. I love #2, it's something I'd wear on the weekend. And #3 looks great with the white blazer. You've proved to us that one orange skirt can go a loooong way! Can't wait to see what you've in store for us next!

  12. I LOVE this skirt! The pockets are great.
    Outfits #5 and 7 are my favorites.

  13. Shannon, Pam and Kenzie--Thank you!
    Jan--You are adorable and hilarious! Wish, wish we could meet.
    Beli--happy to rescue the skirt, though I admit I considered taking it back, also.
    Jamie--for what it's worth, I think your color is bee-a-utiful! Work it, sister, work it!
    Natasha--It'll happen, girl.
    Courtnee--I can't even believe I could give you any ideas at all...your like fashion super-woman...and I'll love you forever for following when you had absolutely no idea what I'd be doing over here. =)
    Lori, Teri and Anna--Thanks for taking time to comment...very, very sweet of you
    Jen--honey, you just smile and you're inspiring!

  14. What a lovely post and site! This is how I aspire to dress when I'm not too exhausted. I work in a hospital, so it's scrubs for me on a daily basis. I will bookmark your site so I can remind myself that dressing up everyday is a worthy effort of making myself feel good...even if it's just to and from the locker room and home.

  15. I want a fantastic orange skirt now too! #3 is my fave combo - it looks perfect with the mary janes and cropped blazer.

    Ack, and I am jealous over your soft curls. You and Courtnee rock the soft curls look so beautifully!

  16. Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying nice things about my kiddos. :)
    Too bad it's 98% Chinese. :p
    Been in the states for more than 10 years, still feel like the need of using Chinese, especially when venting and whining. :)

    Not sure how you stumbled across my Chinese rambling. Turns out it's GREAT for me though because I LOVE what you did with this skirt. I myself cannot handle such a vibrant color, but do appreciate the beauty. You did a great job!!!

  17. I love #4 and #5, especially #5! It looks so good with that denim-ish blue! I struggle with wearing solid bright colors, and end up in a bit too much brown because it "matches" me.. but how boring is that? I will do better! =) You have also inspired me to wear more ruffles, and I think I'm in love! I just need more money. Or a sponsor...

  18. wow! this is like the post that never ends and i never want it too! i missed out on the field scout skirt and now i'm dying for it! thanks a lot. hahaha. i mean, 6, 7, 9....those looks are so amazing! but really, they all are!! nice work.

  19. LOVE every one of the got style chickie!!! :-)
    Too bad you dont live in LA, I would have totally done a shoot with you
    and have fun having you help style it!!!
    If you ever come to LA, lets definitely talk.
    I am glad you found me and I totally understand on the 70s wardrobe!
    THE BEST! :-)
    Big hugs, Emily from EL Vintage

  20. All of these look amazing! I love that you took the time to style it lots of different ways!
    And I love the vibrant orange on you, it really suits you :)
    Thanks for stopping by, just became a follower xo

  21. I love #9 and #10 - once again you are a genius!

  22. This is a very awesome post :). Love all the looks!

  23. I love the looks, and the skirt is beautiful! I like #2 and #6 best, I think.

  24. I just love 2, 3, 6, 8 and 9! You do such a great job at remixing your items... ah, I'll learn one day!

  25. I love this post! I'm so excited to have just found your blog. I've only read 2 posts and you're already giving me tons of inspiration! Thanks!

  26. Kristina,

    Wow! You out did yourself on the number of
    Styles for this skirt. I was only able to reach 5 for the Yellow cloud. My favorite is the outfit with the Striped Boatneck.

    I guess it's safe to say that you are feeling better.

    Congrats on 100 Followers. I just reached 70. I like what you did instead of having the giveaway. Very unique and original like you.

    Orange is my favorite color, but only to wear.


  27. Such a bright skirt and you pulled it off with so many different looks, GREAT JOB! =] I love them all.

    Just Better Together


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