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Friday, October 22, 2010

I am continually recreating beautiful things for so many different reasons:
  • I liked the design, but not the color
  • My wallet said no to my fondest desires
  • The fit was off
  • I was pregnant when it was available
  • I missed out on it for some other reason
  • To challenge myself
So, this week I happened to think, if I'm going to be doing this anyway, why not let my readers decide what I reinterpret next?

Ruffled Plaid Dress

Elevenses Pearl Overcoat

Hudson & Houston Dress

Bold Boutonniere Dress

These are four pieces I'm dying to reinvent, and it doesn't really matter to me which comes first, as long as they eventually find they're way to my closet.
In keeping with Voting Season, I've decided to let you vote for which piece you want to see next. Keep in mind I may change the color or design a bit to fit what works for me and what I need in my wardrobe (need used very loosely here, tee, hee...) .

I'll be posting a survey in the sidebar, which will be open for the next couple weeks. The item with the most votes by November 1st will be fair game for reinterpretation!
Happy Voting!

I've answered some questions I've been getting via E-mail in the video clip below.
If it doesn't load fast enough in Blogger, you can click on "My Explanation" to watch on YouTube.


  1. OMG, you have to do the Pearl Overcoat! Wow, I would love for you to sell me your version!

  2. I wanna see you redo the Bold Boutonniere. And then make one for me, please! I'm placing an order right here and now! =D (Also missed this one, due to pregnancy).

  3. I literally just fell in love with the Hudson & Houston Silk Dress from your post and will be scouring stores for a similar top and patterned skirt so that I can recreate the look (:

  4. You are so relaxed and easy going on camera! I think I'd be a blubbering mess, lol


  5. I vote for overcoat or houston dress!

  6. Oh definitely, the pearl overcoat! I love that!~Serene

  7. Loved seeing you on Lori said, you spoke to well and it seemed so easy for you. I look forward to seeing your creations as are truly beautiful and talented...the best combination!!

  8. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I have been wanting to recreate that Bold Boutonniere Dress for awhile. I just haven't done it, but maybe for this spring I will.

  9. I was pregnant when the bold boutonnier dress came out too. I have been stalking the top and dress on ebay with no luck in my size. Sign me up for the list of people who want one from you Krisina! I voted for that one but all of the choices are awesome and I look forward to seeing your interpretations.

  10. Kristina, Hello!
    I'd love to see how you would reinvent the Ruffled Plaid Dress. It'll be interesting to see what you can do with it. But reading everyone else's comments, it appears that the bold boutonnier dress is the winner, and I am very happy to see that one being reinvented too! even though i don't own any of these items, I'm prepared to be inspired by your creativity.

  11. Love the Hudson & Houston outfit! How do they manage to put together pieces that are so elegant yet simple? I have got to learn how to do that:]

  12. I just voted for my favorite frock and would love to see you recreate any. You and Rachel (of Shoes and Sewing) are so inspirational! I have loads of clothes waiting to be tailored. Too bad my sewing machine is still in storage at my BF's place!

  13. You are so amazingly talented and I look forward to seeing all of your new creations! My vote from the ones above is for the Ruffled Plaid Dress, but I think any of them wolud be awesome. :-) I bet your versions will be even better than the originals!



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