Wearing: Chocolate Box

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Please excuse the lack of words in this post.
Sick children and pulling a couple all-nighters (bad, hazy memories from college rushing back) have sorta left my brain in a mushy state.
But I'm loving this J.Crew dress, thrifted for me by a friend for only $10, with the tags still attached! Thanks, Janie...

(J.Crew Dress, Anthro Chocolate Box Cardi, Seychelles Blimey Oxford Pumps, Coach bag)


  1. Suddenly that sweater looks so gorgeous! I thought it was cute, but impractical, but oh how stunning it becomes with a solid, well-cut black dress (which I'm suddenly also feeling a lack of)! I like all the buttons and circular details too. Dang- that's nice!!!

  2. Hey Kristina
    My goodness, when i first saw this cardi, i saw ZERO potential in it. But wow! You make me want to give it a second chance. I love how you wore it with a simple black dress.
    I totally love your look from head to toe. the red bag is the perfect touch!
    Loving the pictures too - the one of you with the newspaper over your head - priceless!!

  3. Cute pics Kristina! I love the bag and that's a great dress your friend thrifted for you! I hope your kids get better soon so you can get some sleep!


  4. You totally pulled off this look. I liked the Chocolate Box in theory, but once I put it on, the cropped silhouette and thick weave just didn't work for my figure. But with the drapey dress you're wearing, it is just perfect! And the bright poppy color of your handbag really draws out the brighter colors in the sweater.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my latest post! But I have to say that I think your hair looks gorgeous ALL the time, especially when it's "blowing all over the place" (metaphor for daily life or not!). With the exception of last week's business trip, I tend to be a wash-and-go kinda girl with my hair...which is probably not the right approach, given that the stylist said this is a "high maintenance" cut.

    I hope your kiddies are recovering. Poor guys!

  5. Kristina,

    You and your outfit always makes me wonder, is there anything that makes you unflattering? probably not. hehe I love you r outfits and your pictures and I have to mention this time, I love your natural gorgeous curly hair!!! Mine is stick straight by nature, so always aww~~ about pretty curly hairs~



  6. I love those shoes with the dress and the red Coach is a very nice touch.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  7. Look at you, Kristina! The dress looks great on you :) As always, love your style!

  8. Kristina,

    I loved the Chocolate Box Cardi. But the minute I slipped into it, the itch was on. Today I ordered another Monogram sweater. The Dog Trot Cardi. I hope it won't give me the itch.

    I wish the Cardi would have worked out for me. I am happy to see you wearing the Cardi so well. The Seychelles Oxfords are the perfect final touch.


  9. Kristina, I love those shoes! I may need to look for them! Adorable outfit, as always!

  10. Ummmm, I'm having a fit over your pumps. I want, want, want them.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  11. Kristina,

    I am back with a shameless blog request.

    One of my Reader's Challenged me to Style Floreat's Yellow Cloud Dress for Fall. I just posted Style #3 of 4. Would love it if you could offer some suggestions for the Challenge.

    Monday I will conclude with Style #4 and have a vote on the best out of the 4 Styles.

    Style #2 - Reader's Challenge

    Any suggestions and comments would be appreciated. Laura

  12. Your pictures are gorgeous!!


  13. Wow, thrifted J. Crew with tags?? What an amazing find! The entire outfit is gorgeous - I especially love your oxfords. I hope your kids are feeling better!

  14. Perfect outfit...I would wear it in a heartbeat.
    My mother always told me I am too creative to be organized...I'm running with it and so should you!
    Thanks for visiting today, BTW I voted for the Black
    Oragami dress, love, love,love.


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