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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I so know what you're thinking.
Nice prop, Kristina.
But actually, this is my guitar and I really can play.
Not very well, but not horrible either.
I did a foreign study in Guadalajara, Mexico for a semester when I was eighteen, and you don't attend any high-school in Mexico without getting guitar lessons (whether you want them or not).
I kinda wish I'd payed more attention. But isn't that the way it always is?

As you know, I've totally been in wedding/bridesmaid mode recently, and that got me thinking...
Maybe I should give you a little peek at my own wedding dress...handmade by me, of course.
I was at my parents over Thanksgiving and saw it hanging in the closet all lovely and pretty thought maybe, just maybe I might get some pictures in it (if it still fits and everything!) We'll see...

(Gap Blazer, Gap Maternity Dress, Nicole Boots)


  1. love your outfit! and YES!! I must see your wedding dress! Where do you find these awesome places to take pictures?

  2. Ahh.. this is beautiful! It made my heart smile so much! I have really curly hair.. and I do the exact thing with putting it up. :) Love it!

  3. You're so beautiful, Kristina! Love your prop. I play the violin, though not very well. I'd be very excited to see your wedding dress!

  4. ahh i wanted that blazer but it sold out. i had to get the navy one.
    you look beautiful.
    i played the violin for 8 years when i was younger, i wish i stuck with it.
    oh well.. :)

  5. Looking great :) Your dress is to die for :)

  6. I remember your dress ... so lovely!!!

  7. will love to see ur wedding dress :)

  8. yeyy finally i am able to comment on ur blog .. somehtign here woud never let me leave a comment

  9. I'm amazed! You SEW and PLAY GUITAR??! you are one creative soul, Kristina :-)
    And did you say "wedding dress" and "handmade"? Of course i would love to see it!

  10. Peggy, the farmland around is all I have to work with, but sometimes it can be inspiring.

    Curly Girl, so glad someone understands

    Tien and Gee, I played violin, too...for six years...not very good at it!

    Jen, My wedding dress is VERY SIMPLE!!! Don't get too excited! =)

  11. Love your blog...Love all the pretty pics!

  12. I love these boots and this blazer, Kristina! Great look!

  13. :D I love this outfit! :D Looks great and the location is beautiful!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, I'll definitely follow you ;)

    Don't forget to Live.Laugh.Love.

  14. LOVE that you found my blog and my store!!!! You are darling. Fabulous style and I will be sure to add your blog as well to my daily reads.

    PS- I will email you now. :-)

    XXX Emily from EL Vintage

  15. I would love to see pictures of your wedding dress! You look lovely in this outfit. So exciting that you can play guitar! What a great skill to have!

  16. You look incredible! These photos are beyond gorgeous and I love your whole look, especially those lovely curls! I absolutely vote to see the wedding dress!


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