Wearing: Indian Summer Dress

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I built this dress earlier in the summer, but love, love, love all the things I've been able to do with it this fall...another go-to dress. And a girl can never have too many of those.
I'm sure my surgeon would absolutely want to wring my neck if he saw pictures of me climbing a 6 foot ladder into a hay loft! IN A DRESS!!! (but he doesn't follow this blog, 'cuz he's too busy doing other things, like saving people's lives, so I'm safe)...hehehe...

How was your Thanksgiving, BTY?
I about drowned in boiled custard, and now we're gonna make homemade custard ice-cream...
Will the indulgence never end?

(Kristina J. Indian Summer dress, Anthro Breezy Polkas Cardi, Target Stud belt, Mia Cadet booties)

Photos courtesy of Janelle's LookNook


  1. Wonderful job on the dress! Maybe your blog will help my sewing mojo come back to me! lol

  2. Just beautiful. All of your creations leave me a bit speechless! It reminds me of Anthro's Sugar Coated Shirtdress but much more substantial and so much more beautiful. I love the fabric you chose so so much. Thank you for sharing, I'm amazed with your work as always, pretty lady! :)


  3. OMG I love this dress! What a beautiful print! In the words of Rachel Zoe: "I die!"

  4. You are so gorgeous, and I am always drooling at the stunning combos you put together! I LURVE this dress so much! What a great advertisement for Werner Ladders! LOL They are great ladders! (Hubby used to work for them!) ;)
    Happy Weekend!

  5. So love this dress on you :) Beautiful and the pictures in the hayloft are just brilliant.

    Thanks for your comment, so pleased it lead me here :) Love your style, especially your home mades and alterations. A-mazing!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Great dress and the pictures in the hayloft are so charming.

    I am altering a blouse him for my mother-in-law right now.

  7. Hey Kristina, thanks for visiting my blog :) I love your hair! And this dress. I hope I can style my hair like that but mine's just so thin :)

  8. I love this dress Kristina. And i love it more with the breezy polkas cardi! How courageous of you to climb a ladder in your dress (and heels?). The pictures are gorgeous and very original - the hayloft is a great place for photos with this outfit.

  9. Kristina,

    So many lovely Polka Dots. I love how well the outfit photographed in the last B&W. Stunning!

    Question: Is your hair naturally curly? I would love to know what shampoo and conditioner you use.

    Recently the product line I use stopped carrying my shampoo and conditioner for Curly hair. I need to find a good replacement fast. I'm about to run out, and I've tried so many that don't work.

  10. gorgeous darling! do you sell your patterns? i would die to buy a whole book of just your stuff cause i love it ALL!


  11. How wonderful to pair your Indian Summer dress with the Breezy Polkas. I am seeing so many lovely stylings of the navy BP cardigan, and this is one of my favorites. The colors work so nicely together!

  12. As usual your photos are lovely. I'm digging the cardigan with polka dot detailing paired with your polka dot dress. It's a polka dot fiesta!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  13. Kristina, you look fantastic! The photos are gorgeous (and thank goodness surgeons are too busy to read blogs, haha). Hope you guys had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  14. michelle--I'd love to do an online sewing course, if I could figure out how to make it work!

    Mandy--I loved the Sugar-Coated Dress, but it absolutely refused to fit me right, hence this dress.

    Victoria--Thank you, thank you...I'm your biggest fan!

    Laurie--That's exactly what my dad would say, "Great ladder". =)

    Bella Donna--My hair just kinda came this way...=)

    Jen--When, oh when, are you coming to America?

    Laura--I have no idea what to use, I just jump all over the place as far and shampoo and conditioner. But I always, always use Biolage Gelee and Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine to style it...those two products changed my life.

    Selina--I'll get right on that!

    Carol--Wouldn't it have been fun to have a Blogger's Thanksgiving? =)

  15. You look so beautiful - it's such a dress for Thanksgiving weekend.

    I also loved the way you remixed that Bellerby skirt from a few posts ago. My favorite was the look with the Anthro precious metals cardigan.

  16. OK, this dress is fantastic - it reminds me of a cleaner, less "that 70s show" version of the sugar-coated dress. You look gorgeous!

  17. holy smokes!!! youre adorable :))


  18. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!

    Love your shoes, they're adorable! Your dress is too cute :)

    Love & Labels

  19. Your dress is lovely, these photos are so nice.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  20. Beautiful dress, I love the print!

  21. I love the color palette of your outfit; all those rich, warm shades of red look great with navy blue! And I think I really need to take sewing lessons; I keep seeing bloggers wearing their beautiful creations, and I've been itching to try a few projects of my own!

  22. Homemade custard ice cream?! I don't suppose you'd want to share that recipe?

  23. Jill, I'd love to, but I don't actually have it myself...my MIL makes it!

  24. thanks for the sweet comment! love your blog and I wish I had your hair!!!!


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