Wearing: Crown Vintage

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My husband is normally very understanding about new trends, but the first time I wore these oxfords, he remarked, "Seriously, Kristina, those look just like the shoes sitting in my closet."
And I was like, "Well then, husband, you've got some seriously awesome shoes in there!" =)

But, of course, they aren't for everyone.
Which is the greatest thing about getting dressed...because no one works it exactly the same way, and THAT makes the world a more interesting place!

(Anthro In a Twinkling Dress and Mystery Watch, AE plaid shirt, Target Stud Belt, Crown Vintage Hudson Oxfords)


  1. see I need some of these shoes with a stacked heel. In fact, I've been obsessing over it-- Every shoe store I go in, everywhere online. Everyone has black, not brown, and it's driving me crazy!! I am so happy oxfords have come back around, aren't you?

  2. I love how you dressed down the pretty frock with plaid and oxfords. Your outfit and photos are stunning!

  3. Ha, I love what you said to your hubby about the shoes - they are seriously awesome! I'm a fan of oxfords, and I am in love with this outfit! You've inspired me to totally wear my In a Twinkling dress for the holidays and winterize it with some sassy plaid! Thank ya!

  4. Well I think they are cute! And I like the white dress with the plaid shirt!! Thanks for visiting my blog and my etsy shop!!

  5. Those man shoes look good on you Kristina! Great mix of feminine + masculinity, although i'd say you're more on the feminine end ;-) Men don't really get it when we wear something remotely "man-like"!
    And those photos are beautiful and look very natural!

  6. hahaha - that's funny 'cause I bought a pair (with a heel) that I'm trying to get up the guts to wear =) They are adorable, but just something different for me... which is kinda fun!

  7. You can totally pull off the oxfords! I love your look! I'm starting to really want a long-sleeve plaid shirt since I've been seeing so many cute ones lately. :-)

  8. I love how you styled this dress down with the oxfords and plaid. You look so darn coooool!!!


  9. I love these! They remind me about my current 'to find item' when I'm on the hunt at the local thrift stores. I keep perusing the aisles for the perfect vintage, suede-kilty oxfords. I just know they're out there! :)

    Great to meet you and your family! Love your blog.


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