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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here I am, blogging at six in the morning when I could have slept in,
'cuz my mind won't quit stumblin' over all the ideas floating around in my brain.
I hate when that happens. Not really.
But I sorta wish my brain would stumble somewhere between two and four in the afternoon when
my kids are napping and I could actually do something about it.

I feel like a little kid.
Five days before Christmas and I absolutely think I might die from the waiting.
I don't know what the holiday holds for you, but we're gonna be kickin' it in the Arctic-like environs of Michigan,
surrounded by my (very large) extended family.
My cousins, who are all extremely accomplished in their respective fields, are always an inspiration to me.
I sit around with them and think, Wow, when I grow up, I wanna be just like them!
Never gonna happen for this SAH-Mommy from the sticks of Indiana, but a girl can always dream.
Now that I'm thinkin' about it, the fact that I look up to them so much is actually sort of funny, 'cuz I'm the oldest cousin, oldest grandchild...I'm just old (compared to them)...hehehe
Hmm...maybe now would be a good time to remind myself that I don't feel a day older than 21...

(Charlotte Russe jacket, J.crew tuxedo blouse, belt, Anthro Circle the Globe skirt, Walmart plaid scarf, Nicole boots)


  1. Its 5:45 here and I'm up too, but not with a clear enough head to post myself. :) Love the outfit. Have a Merry Christmas!!!-elyse

  2. Please remember that being a mom/parent is the hardest job in the world! That, combined with your accomplished writing, fashion, and blogging skills are something I, myself, admire and aspire to!

    I've been catching up on your recent posts and everytime I see you wear something, you inspire me to put together new combinations of what's in my closet!

  3. I think many people want to be YOU when they grow up! I wanted to win the dress so I could say "I knew her before she was famous...." Love that scarf belted- I was just experimenting with this look last night - it is very Americana! I want your hair! Now go take a nap!

  4. We should never measure ourselves against the successes of others, but only against how much happiness we hold in our own hearts. In the end, that's the only indicator that matters. =)

    Tonight, after I finish up some work (cuz I've got a crazy amount of work to finish up), I'm taking myself to the mall and buying a J. Crew tuxedo shirt, gold skinny belt, finding a cute cropped ivory sweater jacket, and a fun red scarf, because I wanna look just like you when I grow up! ^_-

  5. Hmm...not sure where to go for the falling snow in San Diego though...

  6. Love this! Really, really adore it! And old lady, I am older then you - not sure how 30 happens, it's rather rude.

  7. :D Love the scarf!

    Live.Laugh.Love. - everyday.

  8. I love all your pictures. You look like a model coming out of a Sundance magazine. You look real, like a real person on earth, and you look so dreamy at the same time.
    Cindy Bronto

  9. I wish i didn't feel a day older than 21. . .haha. glad you don't. Love this outfit. it's very pretty.

  10. Your second picture evokes my imagination. Here at 5 am, a women just awakes, runs out to check on her horses. It is cold. It is snowing. But she has to check on things in her life. So she runs out with things she can get from her closet in the dark. What does she have? Things from here and there. And yet, she still looks so fashionable at 5 am, running on errands. These images of yours, in my humble opinions and without any professional marketing background, make an impact of how women buy clothes. They want to look real, and they want to look effortlessly fashionable when they live their daily life.
    You could delete my comments if you think it is inappropriate on your blog. I just want to speak up my mind.
    Cindy Bronto.

  11. SOOOO pretty...love your look and the snow. Perfect photos. :-)
    xxx Emily

  12. Gorgeous! Tommy Hilfiger would love this too :)


  13. such a classic look, love how you wore the scarf!


  14. What a great idea to belt a scarf! And your metallic belt really gives this classic outfit the perfect amount of punch. Just lovely!

  15. You look so effortless, and the way you belted the scarf is genius! These are such pretty pictures. I love how the snow is falling in the foreground.

  16. I was lying awake going over my planned youtube debut in my mind LOL
    Blogging addiction anyone? :)

    Looking great!

  17. I love this mix of plaid and ruffles, skirt and boots. It such a simple look with so many great details! As always, you look fabulous!

  18. Oh, love that scarf! I can't wait until Christmas either... but at the same time, I totally can, because Christmas means that the Christmas season is OVER. Which makes me sad, times a million.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  19. I love this blouse!
    Have a Merry Christmas with your family. Be safe on those slopes!!

  20. sweet laundry is right--this outfit is a perfect addition to tommy hilfiger's 25th anniversary collection!

  21. Elyse: Sorry you couldn't sleep either

    Pamela: You made me smile. Thanks for the chin-up pep talk.

    Peggy: We are truly sisters...I'll never be famous, and fo' sho', I'll make sure you get a dress one day.

    Carol: Let's go shopping together.

    Jan: If I look as good as you when I'm your age, I'll be a happy girl.

    Cindy: You inspired and encouraged me. =)

    Victoria: I really don't feel THAT young. =)

    Em: Can't WAIT to post the dresses I bought from you.

    Lisa, Brittany and Jaimie: Thank you, ladies.

    Jen: You are the truly effortless one.

    Katie and Kristine: It was awesome to see a comment from you!

    Leah: Wish we could meet up this Christmas!

    Damicomm: If only he could see it!!! =)

  22. What an effortlessly great outfit. I am equally excited for the holidays and hope that yours has all of the wonders it has always had for you. I love your stay young attitude...its quite inspiring.

  23. Great pics. I love the scarf- adds a festive touch. And can we trade hair, please? I always dreamed of curls like yours.


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