Constructing: Stewart Dress

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My bags are packed and we're headed north...
The husbie actually took these pics as we were walkin' out the door.
Mulled apple cider, marshmallow salad, sweet potato casserole...these are just a few
of the tasty things that await us at my Gramma's house. Oh, and lots and lots of snow. Yay!

I featured this dress earlier this fall, but the only reason I made it
was for this right tights and a blazer.
I kinda noticed that I have the whole two-toned hair trend thing goin' on with the dark roots and whatnot.
Total coincidence. One of the many side effects of having dry, frizzy ends are always darker than the top. So unfortunately, I'll be livin' out the trend umpteen years after it's long gone.
But these things always come back around, right?

(Kristina J. Stewart Dress, LOFT blazer, Anthro triple buckle belt, Walmart plaid scarf, Mia cadet booties)


  1. I love the plaid on plaid combo!

    Have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas:)

  2. This is so Christmasy with the scarf wrapped down the Blazer and belted. I want to try that. Is it the same marshmellow salad made with mandarin oranges, fruit cocktail, coconut and sour cream? I love that stuff. Have fun visiting your family and playing in the snow with the kids. Will be waiting for some great sledding photos. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love this dress. Heck, I love all your dresses. And I think your hair is gorgeous. I would die for curls like those.


  4. What a beautiful dress! Love what u did with it! Great Christmas feeling to it. Hair looks great too. Stunning!

  5. You did plaid pattern mixing right! Have a wonderful holidays and bundle, it is c-c-c-old here up north! ;o)

  6. Love how you belted the scarf again - tres chic!
    These photos are beautiful, your husbie did a great job while walking out the door :-)

  7. You look amazing and just perfect for the season. How cute is the sleigh!


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