Wearing: Fur Pom-Poms

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Michigan. 28 degrees. Christmas Eve.
I love everything about this day.
The excitement. The flurry. The presents under the tree. The food. The anticipation.
But, it's the intangibles of life that I love more than anything...These are my gifts.

The awe and wonder of my small children.
The gift of grandparents still living.
The loyalty of a man that chose me, loves me (can you imagine?).
Being surrounded and folded in the laughter of friends who accept me as I am (weirdness and all).
The beauty of those small moments that stay with you forever.

I've never been so inspired by life...so lost in the feeling that I could stay here forever.
With all my breath and body, mind and soul...
I love this day.

(LOFT vest, Anthro Circle the Globe skirt, Pony Prix tights, Walmart scarf, H&M belt and shades, J.Crew tuxedo blouse, American Eagle Trapper Hat, Mia Cadet Booties)


  1. Nice post! Cute (and cozy!) hat!

  2. Love you post! NICE FRIENDS you have!! : )

  3. LOVE the sled with the gifts on it and all the fur looks beautiful!

  4. You look like you belong in a holiday catalogue. This whole outfit is so hip, it hurts. Rock on this Christmas, Kristina!


  5. you are way to cute for words.
    i love that hat..!!!
    have a very merry christmas love.


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