Wearing: Steadfast and Whimsy

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I did not like these skirts the first time around in the 90's when I wore a pink popsicle-colored version, and I did not expect to like them any better the second time around...
But I've kinda been surprised to find how much I've enjoyed wearing it, just for a change, if nothing else.

It's a little bit House on the Prairie, a little bit college campus--1992, and I don't really mind returning to this silhouette as long as they're not called broomstick skirts again...
I mean, how unflattering was THAT name?

Anyway, my children are able to sit up and take nourishment now, and we're all giddy with excitement, counting down these last few days until Christmas. We're gonna head north to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to feel the love of the family and hopefully, get some quality skiing time in.
What about you?
Travelling or staying home? Sitting by the fire or hitting the slopes?
Whatever your Christmas plans, I hope for the best and merriest for you....

(Anthro Steadfast and Whimsy skirt, Triple Buckle Belt, J. Crew Etheral Ruffle Cardi, Present cami, MIA cadet booties)


  1. So glad to see you in a tiered skirt, b/c my husband insisted on buying me one last summer and I was dubious to say the least. I wore it once, but maybe I can give it a go 'round again come spring?
    ps so glad you pulled out one of your hats in the last post. Forgot to say so!!

  2. Love the tiered skirt with the ruffled cardigan. Is the cardigan slightly shimmery? Love the look!

    I'll be heading home to CA to see my entire extended family. I am just delighted and can't wait. I am also excited to bring out some end-of-summer thrift store finds that smack of resort wear. Like my Lilly Pulitzer and Theory skirts, which were less than $5 each! Cali might be a bit chilly for bare legs, but I just don't care!

  3. Great outfit Kristina! Love your boots! I also stopped by to let you know you WON the hat giveaway on my blog

  4. I've been wondering about that skirt!! Seriously!! I really love the way you styled this. It's such MODERN take on the long skirt.

    Traveling to n. WI for the holidays. I'm off work the last two weeks in December and am looking forward to some down time!!

  5. Hi Kristina!
    That Steadfast and Whimsy skirt looks great on you! Such chic and vintage piece and it also reflects your personality as well!(I think hehe)

  6. Kristina,

    Do you mind to share where you ordered your dance knit mesh fabric from. I've been hunting something like that for a long time with no luck and remembered you had posted something about ordering a bolt?



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