Wearing: Two Paths Trench...Sorta.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I pretty much haven't slept all week or posted anything (I had big plans to post a tutorial on how to combine an unused shirt and skirt into a dress, but that so didn't happen), 'cause my children have had tonsillitis...Super sick little kiddos. Which is such a shame, seeing that there's all this fluffy, powdery, white-stuff in our yard they'd have loads of fun playing in...if only they could.

Winter has officially come to Indiana...'bout time, too, with Christmas only a couple weeks away. I didn't think I was ever gonna get to wear my super cool trench, which looks just like the Two Paths Trench from Anthro, but is actually a Korean knock-off I swiped on Ebay!
So, today I'm going to muster up all the energy I have left to attend a wedding in Indianapolis (blurry eyes look so great with formal wear, don'tcha think?)
But exhaustion aside, I'm really excited to see how the dresses I built for this wedding turned out!

(Trench, Korea, Target Top, Banana Republic Denim skirt, Nicole Boots, Charlotte Russe Beanie Cap)

I included this video to answer another email question. I think you can totally see how tired I am in this...hehehe...


  1. LOL!!! I remember that Valentine's banquet! :>)

  2. You stop, please! Oh, I love it. It is not weird, it is the genious in you! And the best part, you have totally control over it. Really, I think it is genious.

  3. I hope the kiddos feel better soon!

    You look fantastic and seriously, you had me at sparkly beanie:D

    have a great time at the wedding can't wait to see what you wore.

  4. I can certainly sympathize!! My kids have been so sick with a viral cold this week...very sleep deprived!!! I hope your kids feel a lot better soon!

    The coat looks amazing! Love it!

    PS...you mentioned in one of your posts back a while that you had ordered some dance knit mesh fabric, may I ask where you ordered that?

  5. Love your outfit, especially the sparly beret and tiered coat!

    hehe you're the spoonerism queen :)

  6. You look fab in that super cool coat!! I hope your kids are better soon! Take a nap today and rest up so you don't get sick too!! Take your probiotics!!

  7. YOU are sooooooo brilliant, I love your video, you are soooo cute!!!!!!
    XXXX to you- Emily

  8. Thanks for posting today!! I'm sure I'm not the only obsessed follower who has jumped online everyday wondering where you were...hope the kiddies are better soon! You rock layered fabric on the bottom well. I don't know if I would have the guts to do this? Even at 115 I consider myself pear shaped--ha! And I agree with Peggy--sleep instead of satisfying us so you don't get sick too!!!

  9. I hope your kids are feeling much, much better and that you have enough adrenaline left to enjoy the wedding tonight!

    Love your beautiful trench and seeing your hidden talent on display - I can touch my nose with my tongue, but it's not nearly as fascinating to watch on video ;)

  10. OK - that video is hilarious! :-) Loved it!

  11. That is such a great trench and looks very much like Anthro's! Have you checked out my blog recently? I found an identical copy of Anthro's Catmint dress at Kmart.
    Anyway, you look fantastic in the snow. I hope your kids get better. It's not fun when someone in the family gets sick. I really admire you, how you work so hard for your family.

  12. You look wonderful in that trench, knock-off or not! I hope your kids feel better soon. It's so sad when little ones are sick. =(

    That being said, you crack me up, Kristina! A whole story told in spoonerisms! It's nuts! Nuts, I tell you!

  13. I think I need your sequin beanie. I love it!!! Your entire outfit is great, and the photos are so beautiful with the snowy background!!!!

  14. I've never heard of spoonerisms but it was delightful hearing your tell the story!

    I hope the kids start to feel better and that you were able to enjoy yourself at the wedding. cute outfit!

  15. I know that trench. As I recall, I think it was Roxy of EA that bought the same trench on eBay and compared it to the Anthro's Idra trench. She said it was absolutely the same coat in all aspects. So yay that you were able to score one.

    I managed to pick mine up in the Monterey CA store for $99 on sale.

    The sequined beanie is fantastic. You don't look tired at all. You look happy to be cavorting in the cold white stuff. And the beanie brightens you up girl.

    So sorry to hear the kiddies are ill. Hope they get well soon and there will be plenty more snow to come after they GET WELL.

  16. This trench is a really fantastic knock-off. All the beautiful details are there -- so glad you were able to find it! I saw a Clinton Trench knock-off from Hong Kong and have been considering biting the bullet.

    Hope your kids feel better soon so they can play in the powdery snow. We haven't had anything other than a light flurry here -- I am SO ready for a snow day!

  17. I am in love with that coat!

  18. Such a cute coat. I love the tiers on it.


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