Spring Picks: H and M

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Favorites: For the Penny-Pincher

I am always, always amazed at the great
design coming out of H&M.
Whether you're a romantic who loves pink and ruffles
or a minimalist who loves wearing clean lines and black,
this store has a little something for everyone.
And at this totally attainable
price point, who can resist indulging in the goodness?

1. Chiffon Bolero I couldn't believe how pretty this looked in the store!
2. Bow Cardigan The colors are basic, but those bows take it to full-on girly.
3. Knit Skirt Perfect for all the trips I take with the kiddos to the park on spring days.
4. Chiffon Dress This print is pastel-pretty.
5. Messenger Bag I love the carmel leather against the cream canvas.
6. Pilot Sunglasses Love the brown shade of these...
7. Denim Shirt If I ever get to own a DVF chiffon skirt, I'm gonna pair it with a denim shirt like this...
8. Long jacket A great boyfriend length in a soft color

(Anthro Weave the Ring skirt and Breezy Polkas cardi, J.Crew Tuxedo shirt, HUE tights, UO Kimchi Blue oxfords)

Have a fabulous weekend, Mah Dears!
Next week is a big week around here as
I'm finally going to be introducing my latest designs in
a new little collection of dresses and other goodness called
City of Black and White.
Be on the look-out 'cuz the freshness is comin' your way!
Much love...


  1. I love the picks from h & m!
    and I love you skirt!
    so cute :)


  2. I really love that skirt and wanted it. Love the way it looks with the green top. I am also digging the H&M maxi floral dress.

  3. I love H&M, but too far to get to! The prices are very reasonable although the quality can be lacking...but i still love it. And the accessories :-)
    I love your styling of the Weave the Ring skirt and Breezy Polkas cardi - i have both pieces so i'lll have to try it one day.

  4. love this!!! your hair is SO much like mine it's crazy! Same color... same length.. curls. Love it. :)

  5. Love the picks and your darling look!!
    xxx How are ya? Emily of EL Vintage

  6. I love everything about this outfit. the colours, the checks, the polka dots. Great shoes too!

  7. I love your H&M picks so much - that store is so great!
    I also adore this outfit - it's just pure loveliness!

  8. Love your fashion picks! H&M can be so overwhelming!

    Can't wait for the Black & White collection!

  9. Your outfits are always impeccable! I love the color palette here--olive green and navy with a pop of red. Looking forward to your new collection as well. :)

  10. Hey Kristina,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.
    I love, love, love your picks for H&M. I am so happy that they will have an online store in the US by the end of the summer. This is fabulous news for my wardrobe and wallet.
    Also, your Black & White collection is absolutely stunning, you're really talented and I look forward to stopping by your blog often!

  11. i got myself the tan jacket you featured and it looks great! :) love your black & white collection!

  12. H&M is one of my favourites too. I love the way they often have the same cut in two or three prints or colours :)

    Your outfit is amazing - I love the layering (esp. skirt) and the mix of colours. Looking brilliant!


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