Spring Picks: Sundance

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Favorites: For the Nature-Lover

So, to be honest...I'd never even heard of
Sundance until about a year ago, when
Mr. Redford decided to send a catalog my way.
I don't live on a ranch.
I don't ride horses.
And I definitely don't live in the mountainous environs where
the pictures in the catalog always seem to be shot.
I mean, just where is that, anyway? Colorado?

But none of that changes the fact that looking at
the catalog makes me wish I could be that girl
with sun-kissed hair wearing short boots and a prairie skirt...
and if only I could actually ride a horse
(ya know, besides the metal ones that go 'round in circles)...

1. Chiffon Embroidered Skirt Sold out almost the minute it came out, but that just makes me want it all the more.
2. Triple Time Watch I think this is just too, too cool...
3. Frye Carlie Huarache Platforms So who cares what your outfit looks like if you're wearing sandals like this, huh?
4. Front Lines Jacket I don't know if it's the versatile color or those bragg buttons that make me love this more...
5. Chatham Crochet Skirt Isn't this just so, so, so Free People?
6. Winter Bouquet Shawl It's just pretty, no?
7. Double Cross Belt Apparently one time around isn't enough...I go for the double of everything (i.e. the watch)...
8. Chatham Crochet Dress I crochet...scarves and stuff...not this...definitely never attempted this.

(LOFT blazer, AE plaid shirt, Fossil Belt, H&M Seersucker skirt and aviators, Claire's Gold Headband, MIA Trainee booties, Coach bag)

The superfluities of life.
OK, the bag is a superfluity...the coffee's more a necessity.


  1. love love love! The bag, the sunglasses, the everything! you inspire me! :)

  2. Cute outfit, that red bag's a killere...;)

  3. love the bag! starbucks is a necessity for me too! I've gotten into a bad habit b/c the kids have sports practice EVERY DAY now -and after I drop them, I get a coffee!! I must stop!!

  4. You look adorable! Yesterday I was sitting in the couch with my main squeeze and I was telling him about this really cool new blogging world i have discovered and I showed him your blog and I read 2 posts of yours to him and he said "So you pretty much need to be good looking, have great style, and know how to write in order to have a good blog like hers." :)

  5. Oh, I love those yellow platforms! So cool. I also love your sunglasses......lookin' good:)

  6. I love this look! In fact I wanted that exact shirt from AE, but waited too long and my size sold out. You look fantastic!

  7. I had a look at the Sundance website after reading this post. Some very nice things and has a bit of a boho vibe. I LOVE that crochet skirt.
    Nice Coach bag too - it's a necessity too you know, practical for holding things in :-)

  8. I like how you tied up different colors. Shirts, bag, skirt, and the jacket... all of them are different color but they work very well together!

    Could you tell me how you did with your hair? I love your hair style but I don't know how to do it.

  9. love your style and your photos! and drooling over that red bag. following you now =)


  10. AMEN on the superfluities of life! This blog is amazing.Starbucks is my lifeline. I shall follow you now....

  11. Love your outfit (as always). You just always look effortlessly fabulous and chic. Totally forgot about Sundance. They have great stuff. I am NOT going to that website right now though - I'm feeling way too spendy. :)

  12. lovely outfit....love all of the different colors, beautiful!

    love your blog...looking forward to reading more :)

  13. I need those yellow sandals from the catalog! Man alive. Also, love your jacket.

  14. I love items #1-7 (#8 only gets left out, because I'm dubious about how it'll look on my frame)!!! Sigh. So perfect. When I was a young girl, I wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder's bff. She (that little girl) is still in there somewhere.

  15. Peggy--I know, right? Those sports practices are killers on the mothers...

    Midory---This made me smile, 'cuz I'm not sure I'm any of those things, but very sweet of you to even put me in any of those catergories.

    Jen--I agree...Very, very practical

    Hiroko--It's just a french twist in the back.

  16. Looking gorgeous :)
    That crochet skirt is lovely - shame about the ugly price tag *sigh* I think I need a paperdoll and some scissors ;)


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