Anthropologizing Old Navy

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One of my pregnant friend's bought this knit maternity
dress from Old Navy and asked me to embellish it a bit...
turn it into something a little special.
Anyone who's been pregnant knows it's
practically impossible to find great dresses
with cute detailing for less than the
monthly mortgage on your home.

When I was taking design classes a few years ago,
one of my assignments was to burn several types
of fabric and catalog how they reacted to heat.
A lot of fabrics just turn black or melt away,
but chiffon and satin react by curling at the
edges, which forms a really cool petal look.
Here's a step-by-step for making flowers
like I put together for Julie's dress.

1. I cut my circles two, three and four inches in diameter, using chiffon, satin and crafter's lace.
2. For each flower, cut one lace circle, one satin circle and two chiffon circles.

3. Hold circles over the heat of a flame (not actually in the fire, 'cuz it will turn black rather than curling).

4. I always curl at least two chiffon layers together since it's so thin, and I like the way it looks better.
When you're curling chiffon, make sure you don't hold it too close to the flame...just a little heat is all you need.

5. I hand-tacked the flowers down in the middle with a needle and thread.

Do any of you Pinterest?
I love that site!!
I used to store the images I wanted to keep all over my
computer only to find them in long-lost files years later,
so I L-O-V-E having one place to pin
all my favorite images.

These are some of my latest pins on a few of my boards.

Let me know if you Pinterest, 'cuz
I wanna see all the cool stuff you like!


  1. awesome dress! i recently started pinteresting and am addicted! :)

  2. thanks for the tutorial...I might have to play with this effect!

    I just started with pinterest- so far I seem to be displaying a victorian obsession with ankles- it's all billowy calf length skirts with wedges!

  3. Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

    Lioness-Your newest follower.

    I am looking forward to exploring your blog.

  4. thanks for letting in on your trade secrets. Burning the fabrics creates a very interesting effect. A great idea!
    I don't peruse pinterest, but know some bloggers who do and love it. Maybe that'll be my next hobby!

  5. awesome tutorial!!! I have been wanting to make some fabric flowers headbands for my kiddos...and maybe some fabric flower statement necklaces for them too. You are so talented! Awesome!

  6. So AWESOME to have such a TALENTED FRIEND that lives only minutes from me! : ) L*O*V*E* my dress! Thanks soooooo Much! JS

  7. I love the crinkled chiffon technique. So nice. Great way to make somethine from ON that everybody has your own. And yes, Pinterest! I haven't had much time to browse lately but it's pure eye candy. Love it.

  8. Thank you for sharing how to make flowers wit chiffon & satin.
    I didn't know that chiffon and satin become curly when it gets close to fire! It was such an eye opener!
    I am going to try it by myself.

  9. Your friend is lucky to have you to transform basic dresses into something pretty. Great job. I pin too! If you follow me you'll know that I have a weddings board. Shhhh, don't tell anyone!

  10. you did such an amazing job!!! great tutorial! :)

  11. So, I'm off to check all of you out on Pinterest! Can't wait! =)

  12. Love the title of your post! The dress is adorable :)

  13. Such a good idea, especially when one doesn't want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes! (And it would make a nice gift!)

  14. I an glad that my blog post encouraged you. This is my first time visiting your site. I must say, "God has given you a awesome gift." Be encouraged, your future has more in store for you that you could ever imagine. Look UP and not down, Look WITHIN and not are in the will of God!

    Be blessed!

  15. WOW! You have some serious talent, my dear. I was just checking out your Dress Giveaway page, and will definitely be checking in for the next one :) Thank you so very much for the sweet comment on my EBEW post!

  16. you are so unique and crafty with how you do all these things!!!! lovely!

  17. Thank you for the diy idea. That looks like a project I MIGHT be able to tackle myself.

    I'm dabbling in pinterest, but quickly followed some of your boards just now! You have such a great eye, I can't wait to see what you discover.

  18. Thanks for the comment on my blog; it's so neat to discover new bloggers via Pinterest (which, yes, is the most addictive thing evar)! Love your blog; this DIY is phenomenal and I think I'm going to use the method to make a big flowery pin for spring. Definitely following you! :o)

    Have a good one!


  19. Great tutorial. I might try this someday.

    I've just recently discovered Pinterest. I'm not addicted (yet), but isn't it awesome?

    14 Shades Of Grey


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