Wearing: Casual Sequins

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fear less, hope more;
Whine less, breathe more;
Talk less, say more;
Hate less, love more;
And all good things are yours.

I'm always taking girly pieces and trying to toughen them up--
make them a little more downtown...
although I'm not really sure why.
If you saw my community from the sky,
all you'd see is a patchwork of corn fields and square country miles.
Downtown is practically irrelevant where I live,
maybe that's why I'm always trying to
incorporate a bit of sparkle into my outfits.

I am surrounded by earth and sky...
natural surroundings and sensible mindsets.
Contrary to popular opinion,
I do sometimes try to blend
into my environment...
but the challenge is always how to wear
neutrals without the effect being dowdy...
how to have a bit of sparkle without going straight to glitzy.

(Anthropologie Streaked Light skirt, LOFT cardigan & tee, UO leather belt, Kohl's flats, vintage bag)

So, I wonder...am I the only one who ever struggles with this?
Does no one else ever try to look more...this,
or push for more of that?
Are there city girls trapped in the country or
county girls scared in the city just striving
for small ways to blend into their environment
a teensy-weensy bit while maintaining
their own style aesthetic?
I wonder...


  1. I'm a city girl trapped in the city, but I adore that rustic feel of the country. I love how you mix urban and pretty - it's your own little niche.

  2. I have that pink sweater! It's one of my favorite pieces. Such a delicate girly piece. :)

  3. I love the subtle bits of sparkle :) You look beautiful!

    Some days I want to stand out like a sore thumb other days I'd like to blend right in with the landscape :) I grew up in the country but I like the relative anonimity life in a small city allows for.

  4. I am a beach girl trapped in the MIDWEST! ha ha! But my style is all over the place, I like everything...but flip flops and beach-gear to run errands? I miss those days :(

  5. I love the little touches of sequins in your look! Beautiful :) So feminine and lovely.

  6. Definitely a successful way to wear sequins casually. You know, I feel the same way about certain fabrics, like tulle and taffeta. I have some gorgeous thrifted skirts that are intended to be evening wear, but it seems like a shame for them to sit in my closet for those one or two formal events that I *might* someday attend. I think it's time to pair them in a casual outfit, like you've done. Just perfect!

  7. your outfit is the perfect combination of so many great things!

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love the cardigan and the delicate details. I actually grew up on a farm and have always loved fashion, especially during college. I student taught and moved to Chicago for 6 months to do that and really loved I could wear things I love and not stand out and look crazy like I would in my small town. Now that I moved back, I find it hard to wear things that would make me stand out. Even when I wear a dress, people ask me why I'm so dressed up-I just like to look pretty. Wow, I just wrote a book. But you get my point? To make it short, I'm with you.

  9. I am totally the city girl trapped in the small town (wouldn't stretch to say country, but you get the idea). This post was so insightful. Loved it! Of course, I always love your fabulous styling.

  10. Kristina,
    I've so missed your blogs and am so incredibly happy to finally have the chance to catch up with you here!
    This entire post, the words, the photos are so utterly beautiful
    Thanks for bringing back that special Kristina J. moment to my day!


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