Wearing: Picked Plaid

Thursday, April 14, 2011

There's something completely liberating about wide open spaces...
it's more than just a physical freedom--
it liberates the mind to dream and imagine.
You find yourself believing that there really are no limitations,
that you're insecurities will not hold you back.
And I wonder, why is it that we let that feeling go?

I've always found it funny that some people
assume I'll maybe do one incredible thing,
then fall back into an ordinary life.
They assume I'll go to college and get a job.
Then I'll retire, then I'll die...
as if that's the accepted order of the universe.

Some people dream big dreams...
I'd rather be the girl that actually wakes up
and works really hard to achieve them.
What I see, when I close my eyes and look past
the miles I've traveled is my next journey.
I'm never sure where I'll go or how I'll get there,
but at least I know I'm going somewhere.
I could choose not to move,
to stay in this place and this time,
but I refuse.

(Anthropologie Picked Plaid skirt, J.Crew button up and headband, Target Merona Peep-toes, Target Messenger bag)

My life is fabulous, and yet...
sitting here in one of the most perfect places on Earth
on some of the most perfect days,
I still believe I can know a better place.


  1. Hi Kristina,

    You look so great as always with your signature feminine chic style! I wanted that Target peep toes so badly when it hit sale months back, but had no luck on finding my size...

    I adore your outfit~

  2. You're looking so peaceful, relaxed and at ease with yourself. While look so darn good at the same time!

  3. Such beautiful insight! I believe the same-- I feel life is too great of a thing to just settle in-- I'd rather grow & take adventures into the uncertain & the exciting rather than just stay in an area where it is safe. Keep living those dreams :)


  4. You do the knee length skirt exceptionally well. Beautiful. I always love to read your posts. Very insightful and almost poetry like. :)

  5. I can't believe this skirt hasn't gotten any love from the online reviews - it's ADORABLE on you - love it, love it, love it! I hesitated becasue of the reviews, but now I might have to pick one up for post-pregnancy!

    I love that you are taking hold of your days and molding them into an incredible life!!!

  6. favorite post ever!!!!!!

    love this! absolutely beautiful <3

  7. I love these pictures, the colors are perfect and bright! Makes me want to throw on a skirt!
    follow me :)

  8. i think these are the best photos you have ever done of you in an outfit. honestly. You look beautiful and I love the skirt.

  9. You look adorable!! I love how fresh and quirky and classic this is!

  10. You look beautiful! Your posts are always so well-written, thought-provoking, and inspirational. Thank you!

  11. Kristina, what a pretty skirt! yOu had great style! I love it! =]


  12. Gorgeous outfit. =) I love your thoughts as well, I have been feeling stuck in life lately, and realizing that people do tend to put you in a box. It's like everyone is excited and on board with your dreams when you are in H.S., but when you grow up suddenly you fall off the map and are expected to just live an ordinary life. Well, I'm fed up with ordinary too! Besides, when you have an all-powerful God on your side, there is nothing that is too big for Him to accomplish. So, keep on being awesome! =)


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