Collection: The Megan

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

--A Collection by Kristina J.--

It's the Megan...
definable only in the sense that she's a chameleon,
never going for the obvious cliches.

There's no one else quite like her,
with such a unique way of expressing herself.
You don't define her--you don't try to put her in a box.
She twists and folds and shares a different side of herself
with you depending on the circumstances.

She maintains the classic silhouettes of a
circle skirt and jewel-neck blouse, but she's different--
coloring outside the lines with trimmed-out
tuxedo ruffles and sunburst pleating.

She's smart and sharp and has more than a vague idea
of what she wants to accomplish in life.
She knows a vague idea is like a snapshot that's out of focus.
She possesses a quiet confidence beyond her years, and focuses
her mental picture until it's crisp and filled with details.

She's the girl most likely to shoot the moon--
go for broke--on your friendship.
When you think she's given everything there is to give of herself,
she wraps her arms around you and
steals your heart with the faith she's got in you.

She's versatile...extraordinary--a starling.
She's elegance and magic and mystery.
She'll never move on from you...she's present...
even when hundreds of miles away.

The Megan...
she embraces the details that make her different and special,
and in doing so, she gives the world a wonderful gift.


  1. Not only do I LOVE that skirt, I'm pretty excited to have learned a new term! "Sunburst pleating!"

    {your shoes are fantastic too...}

    Keep the beautiful creations coming!!
    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  2. Oh I have been dying to find a pleated skirt like this. It looks gorgeous!


  3. You are SO good at describing me, but you spelled my name wrong. ;o)

  4. Oh wow, this one blew me away. Is this a dress or a skirt and top? Either way I love it and I wish you would sell me these amazing clothes you make lady!!!

  5. You need to have a Kristina J catalogue so we can all start ordering! Just gorgeous!

  6. yes, a Kristina J Catalog will be neccessary, girl!
    Love this skirt and top! Gorgeous. Did you set the pleats or does the fabric come this way. Silly question, I'm sure.....just wondering.
    Blew me away, once again!

  7. I love going through your blog to see what you've come up with next!
    I love your dresses and I love those pictures!!

  8. I LOVE every. single thing. in these pictures. That pleated skirt is the height of wow, I ADORE the ruffles, the hairband is gorgeous!! I pretty much wanna be Megan =) x

  9. Love the tuxedo blouse and pleated skirt...lovely look! Another that I'd love to purchase :)

  10. Stunning! I was also wondering if it's a skirt and top or a dress?

  11. Please oh please - how can I get my hands on that skirt!?!?!?! I'm OBSESSED!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  12. Your adorable! :)
    Thank you for my good luck comment!
    hehe. I'm having a lovely time dacing.
    Following! :)


  13. i'm so totally obsessed with this outfit!!! super presh. and perfect!

  14. this is a skirt and blouse. The fabric had to be sunburst pleated at a special fabric house. Love that you all love it!! I do plan on selling some of these stay tuned!

  15. really cute dress. I like the accordion skirt part.

  16. Love love love it! There really aren't words to do it justice. This is my favorite of all of the looks.

  17. I love the headband and the skirt! Very pretty!

  18. Love this outfit! It looks so smart.

    Special thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your sweet comments.


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