Collection: The Amanda

Monday, April 4, 2011

Designing a dress inspired by a girl I've known since I was five
had to be a special occasion dress...bridal, even.
That kind of history requires some extra special treatment.
I wasn't gonna get away with a simple shirt-dress on this one
(though it could be argued that a best friend
brings the same level of comfort as a shirt-dress).
So, I decided to go for go this direction because...
well,'s a challenge.
And I love a challenge.

--A Collection by Kristina J.--

Meet the Amanda...the bestie...
the one you want present with you on the most special occasions.

In the jigsaw puzzle of your life, she is in the curve of every piece.
She is the Diana to your Anne, the humor to your seriousness,
and more times than not, the tissue to your tears.

She is enigma. Her details pull it all together,
but are too intricate for you to figure out--a heady combination of
gold filament woven lace and free-flowing tulle netting...
hints of shimmer and understated glamour.

She, more than anyone, makes you laugh...
all smiles, secrets, tickles, and dreams--
all of your favorite things, wrapped up in one.
In the Sunshine Club, she's the sunshine, and everyone else is the club.
She is rare...not to be found just anywhere.
She's one of the few people you can talk to after years apart
and pick up the conversation right where you left off.

She is the nicest thing you could ever do for yourself.
With her, you never have to laugh when you feel like crying
or be quiet when you need to talk.
She gets you through every emotional crisis by telling you,
"Don't worry what people think...they really don't do it very often."

She can give it to you straight...
She's a master at concentrating on your good points
while helping you improve on your flaws.
She's important in your life and you'd be so much less without her.

The Amanda dress--
Her presence alone makes every day a special day...
the one dress you'll never get rid of,
'cuz it weighty with a lifetime of memories.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! I would wear this to my fake wedding in a heartbeat.

  2. Ok, Kristina, you're just like Oprah, making me cry with this post! This dress is beyond beautiful...

  3. Oh goodness, you are so talented. I've loved seeing your collection. This one is no exception. The design flatters your shape wonderfully and I love the golden shimmer in the fabric.

  4. These just keep getting better! It is sooo beautiful. Wonderful work... I love them all!

  5. Gorgeous! Love the shimmer, not too much, just perfect! Flattering dress! LOVELY!

  6. This would make a perfect colder weather wedding dress. I love hem details too - reminds me of my own wedding dress.

  7. lovely detailing- well worth your patience and love!

  8. This is a lovely dress! You did a fantastic job with it. It is never easy working with lace, but you make it look effortless. Love it!

  9. Wow! That is stunning, I would also have worn this as my wedding dress. I don't wear strapless dresses very often and knew I didn't want one for my wedding but it was so hard finding a dress with sleeves, this would be absolutely perfect for an autumn/winter wedding. Gorgeous x

  10. Kristina, I love it! It is perfect :)

  11. Wow. I am suddenly reminded of how badly I sew clothing, how much I love dresses and how sad it makes me that I can't find loveliness like this in my size. You are truly talented.

  12. What a gorgeous dress, Kristina! The details are stunning. Great work!

  13. Oh.My.Word. I got married 2 years ago, but I would happily do it all over again in order to wear a dress like this! Seriously, I love it. Amazing.

  14. What a beautiful dress!!!! Great Design and wonderful technique to put it together!
    I wish I could have great sawing technique like you...

  15. That is a gorgeous dress! I love the bodice and the sleeves.


  17. Hi Kristina,
    thank you for stopping my blog and leave such of nice comments.
    You have a great talent, I love your creations.

    Sara(sugar with vanilla)

  18. i know it's already been said...but...WOW!

  19. Absolutely lovely! And what a wonderful tribute to a lady we both love :) Your talents completely amaze me!

  20. This is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I love how flowy and free it is. Looks like something someone would go and get married in!


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