Collection: The Holly

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I knew this piece would be constructed from merino wool,
but sometimes I get my hands on these really amazing fabrics
and can't decide how I want to work them.
The challenge of editing a look is the most difficult aspect of design for me.
I'm always asking myself, "Is this too much? Is it not enough?"
I originally made a sweater and a skirt, but wasn't
happy with the way the skirt executed and it
didn't really seem to inhabit the spirit of the girl I was inspired by,
so I thought, Wouldn't a sweater dress be even more fabulous?
And that's how this dress came to be.
I included pictures of the original look so you could see the progression.

--A Collection by Kristina J.--

She's known as the Holly--the self-assured athlete...
calm, cool and collected under pressure.
The girl who makes a simple pony-tail look glamorous.
She possesses the uncanny ability to slip
into something simple and completely inhabit it.

The dress adds nothing to the girl.
She is already so clearly comfortable in her own skin.
You always know where you stand with her.
She doesn't waste time trying to make everyone happy,
instead she embraces the joy of being who she is.

She's not easily intimidated and because of that,
you're free to be yourself with her--
free to be broken or exhilarated or talented.

She's the big sister you always wanted.
When it comes to being a friend,
she's determined and relentless...
as blunt and real as she is empathetic.
She cares deeply and loves generously.
When you most need comfort she'll fold you in warmth and acceptance.
She's as soft as the merino jersey from which she was made.

She's understands that this life, this day,
is not the last's not the final lap or the last goal.
It's all a journey...the end of one chapter begging the beginning of another.
With her, it's not about being at rest, it's about freedom of movement.

My tutorial for this flower embellishment here.
Photos courtesy of LookNook

The Holly dress--
with her, things are easy and effortless.
She pulls it all together, but the end result is never overworked.


  1. I LOVE this dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS DRESS! Can you hear me shouting all the way from California!

  2. I love these series you're presenting us with and man do I ever want this dress (though I don't know if I can look as cool and elegant as you do in it!)

  3. so beautiful. i love all the thought you put into this.


  4. SUper chic!!! I want a short-sleeved version for summer too! =)

  5. Omg, Kristina! I LOVE this dress! I want it! Want Want Want! Love Love Love! Can I be any more emphatic? Just wonderful!

  6. Stunning!! I meam, it is REALLY stunning. I love love it!!!

  7. Ok, my new fav! This is beautiful.

  8. One day we will be able to say "Look out world here comes Kristina's Collection" and when your almost there then we can move over Vera Wang or Calvin Kline ( and some of them others I can'tremember) here comes Kristina's Collection.

  9. Ahhhh! You are TOO nice! Two gorgeous outfits (Not that I am surprised--The talent that oozes out of you in every direction is just unbelievable!) Simple and comfy--thats ME! All those other nice things...hmmm...I like me in your eyes. :-) Love ya sweet girl!

  10. I adore this dress. It's my favorite ever. I feel comfortable just looking at it.

  11. Oh my God! What a nice series of dresses, all are beautiful, (the other post above) you show incredible style and amazing in every post and I greatly enjoy being a "voyeur" of you.

  12. Ooh, I'm in love. Seriously, I love this. Chic, comfortable, easy. You're amazing!

  13. Crazy about this dress!! Love.It.

  14. Wow. As soon as I started reading your description, I thought, "Wait! I KNOW that Holly!" ;) Sure enough! That dress is everything she is--I love it!

  15. I LOVE this dress! So elegantly casual.


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