Collection: The Andrea

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hey there, dahlings!
I used my own slopers for the pieces in this collection.
However, when I came across this Donna Karen pattern,
I knew it was perfect for this dress...exactly what I needed.
I constructed this dress off of her design.
--A Collection by Kristina J.--

So, I call her the Andrea--
the free-wheelin' ball of fun.
She's the opposite of fussy and high-maintenance.
She's the one who gets in trouble with you,
and the one most likely to get you out.

Her skirt flares with godets because she's anything but straight-laced.
She keeps you laughing from a platform of sarcasm and realism...
She is both a whirlwind of adventure and a calm place to retreat.
When you're on top of the world, she's satirical--
bringin' ya back down to where you belong.
When you're miserable, she makes you laugh.

Time spent with her is the best time.
She's not completely carefree,
but she takes only the heavy things in life seriously.
She won't come untucked, unpinned or unbalanced,
'cuz she's tough enough to get you through the day.
She's up for anything, but most especially, she's there for you.

There is a carefree attitude about her.
You have to take her in from all angles to get the full effect.
It's hard to absorb her, to know exactly where
one element ends and the other begins,
because her intricate details lie beneath a smattering of polka-dots.

Photos courtesy of LookNook
Corvette courtesy of John Sproles

The Andrea Dress--
She's snarky, sarcastic and a boatload of fun.
She keeps you grounded...
helps you sweat the small stuff ('cuz sometimes you have to)
and when the days are long, she goes the distance with you.


  1. Love it - the photos, the dress, and the great writing. You go, girl!

  2. I love the dress and I love the words :>) What a dear friend she is!

  3. My favorite one yet! Love the polka dots and the detailing!

  4. A Masterpiece! I love the details. I think you are a new favorite of mine! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  5. Thanks for your sweet words. I love your blog!
    ...& your clothes are GORGEOUS! :)

  6. *sniff* love it! would totally buy the dress if you made it in a fat size.
    was weird to see somebody writing something about me..especially something nice. ;o) love you! you're amazing!

  7. Good golly, I wish I had that dress! Just tooooo gorgeous! What a genius you are!

  8. Another grand slam with this cute dress...and you are such a cute model! =)

  9. I just discovered your blog.
    I love your dresses!!!
    I like the style and I like the fabrics.
    And polka dots are always a favourite!!
    Following you....

  10. I love this dress!!! It looks great on you!!

  11. I love this one as well! The polks- dots are killer.

  12. One of my favorites so far. Love polka dots!! Nice car as well. ;)

  13. Wow! Kristina! What a amazing dress and pics!
    Love, Mom

  14. They keep getting better with each post! I LOVE this one! Where did you get the fabric? I must make one, too!

  15. after seeing all these beautiful dresses, i can't believe you ever BUY anything (other than fabric)!

  16. Great writing. Goes so well with these gorgeous photos!

  17. This dress is ADORABLE and so is your photo shoot - you look like a doll!

  18. I'm crazy for these polka dots! This dress looks like it was more complicated to construct compared to the previous ones. I love it all the same though. And I want to be friends with this Andrea girl :)

  19. oh my! in love with your dresses! thanks for the follow :)

  20. I think this one is my fav! And what a friend to name it after, she's one of my fav's too! Great job!


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