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Monday, June 13, 2011

Good morning, dahlings!
How's everyone? I'm back...fresh from a relaxing vacay with my family and some great friends, where we spent several days in a lake house near Lake Michigan.

We climbed the sand dunes, walked the pier while the emerald colored lake flirted with the children chasing each other on packed sand, sipped lattes in the warm atmosphere of Redolencia, searched for rock fossils in a stream bed, and roasted marshmallows around the fire at sunset with the breeze blowing in off Hamlin Lake.
My boys played with their air-soft guns with daddy, which they thought was the definition of coolness.

Of course, we goofed around and laughed as much as possible...we lost track of time and wandered from one fun activity to the next without thought of schedules or deadlines. We got better acquainted with the beautiful people with whom we were vacationing and ate more ice cream than should even be legal.

I feel the way I always feel when returning from vacation...a little in love with the place we visited and a little tired, but alive with a renewed enthusiasm for the tasks that lie ahead.

(Anthropologie Field Scout skirt, J. Crew gingam shirt, Steve Madden wedges, American Eagle watch, H&M shades)


  1. Kristina, these photos are so beautiful! Your vacation looks and sounds like a dream. I've been so crushed with work and projects lately that I'm dying for one myself, just to decompress a little. Maybe in the next month. =)

  2. Beautiful! The outfits (especially that yellow maxi) and the vacation. Family vacations I can never get enough of. It's so fun to introduce the kids to new places. Looks like yours had a blast. 56 days is the countdown until our next adventure to a "foreign" land so it was very nice to see your lovely pictures today. :)

  3. Glad you were able to get away and enjoy a lovely vaca with your sweet family! The outfits were adorable, as always. I love that yellow maxi...

  4. yey! more family shots! how adorable. what a really lovely outing too. I think your family has some of the best fun!!!

  5. That looks so good!
    Wonderful place!
    Gorgeous family pictures!

  6. Looks great! Where at around Lake MI did you go? We are heading to the west side (near Muskegon/Grand Haven) to see all our family in a few weeks and greatly looking forward to heading to the beach for a bit...

    Love the little sand babies!

  7. oh sweet. I can't wait to get to the beach and recreate this breezy cottony look!! I love this skirt sooo much!

  8. Carol--Now I'm wishing for a vacay for you! If anyone deserves a good one, it's you!

    Katrina---Ooohhhh, YAY! A visit to a foreign land...sounds simply divine!

    Leah---How are ya girl? That maxi is from Target, like years ago, but I still totally wear it all the time.

    Victoria---I so agree...my little guys DO have some of the best fun!

    One Perfect Day---Thanks, dahling!

    Alicia--We went to Ludington...but I've been to Muskegon too...actually I was born in Grand Rapids, so I have a lot of fam up there, too!

  9. What a lovely weekend, Kristina! It seems like you were able to spend some quality time together that will be remembered for years to come. And you look fantastic, as always. Your yellow maxi dress is just divine!

  10. So happy you were able to grab a vacay full of beach time, relaxing and illegal amounts of ice cream! Sounds heavenly. Also heavenly, your outfits, my friend. So glad you're back!

  11. Totally loving your blog. And your style. Obsessed, really. You are gorgeous! Just found you on EBEW. Now following!

    Ask the Duplex


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