Wearing: Wish You Were Here

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am ecstatic! My mom (who is a fabulous seamstress) came across a bunch of old patterns from back in the day.
She brought the whole box to me and said, sorta apologetically,
"I know these patterns are from the 80's and 90's, but maybe you'll find something in there you like."

Are you kidding me??? I LOVE! What's cooler than the dolman sleeve and maxi dress right now, I ask you?
I've never been the girl who just feels like I can't possibly re-wear a silhouette I wore in high school...quite the opposite.
I'm fascinated by how trends re-emerge with just the right amount of tweaking to make them feel fresh again.
I mean, the fabric is always a bit more sophisticated, right?
But, maybe I'm weird, or something. I can't wait to rework these patterns into some major freshness.
Do you find it difficult to wear old styles that come back around?

(Anthropologie Wish You Were Here cardi, Anthro Circle the Globe skirt, J.Crew stripe tee, Target stud belt,
Crown Vintage oxfords, Charlotte Russe fedora, American Eagle triple wrap watch)


  1. Oh my goodness, Kristina! Can I just tell you how much I LOVE that skirt! I used to have one just like it a decade or more ago... but cannot remember what I did with it. Simple, yet sooo comfortable and classy. I was ecstatic when you shared these pictures. Thanks to your mom for sharing old patterns with you. What a mom!!

  2. I love the potential of old sewing patterns, like a portak into the past. And it is really interesting to see how things always come back yet somehow fresh and different (except lycra bike shorts with neon side stripes. no!)

  3. trends are reemerging so quickly lately that the classic rule "if you wore it before you cant pull it off again" does not apply!


  4. I'm all about finding inspiration and wearing trends from other decades.

  5. Cool outfit! And cool mom you have. :)

  6. Love the hat on you...don't know that I can pull off that look :)
    Ok, so...I still remember when knee length skirts starting coming back into style. I think it was in 2000 and I practically swore I would not be wearing skirts that length! haha...ate those words. I'm learning to try looks before I profess my dislike. I have a pretty conservative comfort zone, but enjoy the inspiration that I still receive from other bloggers and the boundaries I'm learning to push by adding more accessories and color in my daily ensembles.


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