Color Scheming: Scenes of Arles 2

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Contrasting Colors

Women who lean towards styling with contrasting colors are often fearless in their choices. Some of my favorite fashion bloggers have a color beast within...their looks are always bold, color intense and shocking (but pleasantly so). Using colors that contrast with a piece is never about being matchy-matchy--but rather, about playing colors against each other.

Look 1

Scenes of Arles--Contrasting

A lot of times, using contrasting colors can make you look like you don't care...they seem effortless, like you just rolled out of bed and threw on the first things you saw, but more often than not, the look is very thought out. I think this look sends a message that the woman wearing it is comfortable, cohesive, and completely unconcerned by what others think.

Look 2

Scenes of Arles--Contrast

1. J Crew Jackie Cardigan
2. Anthro Scenes of Arles
3. Chinese Laundry leather shoes
4. FOSSIL satchel handbag
5. FOSSIL dial watch
6. J Crew vintage leather belt
7. H&m sunglasses
J Crew Buffalo check boy shirt

At first glance, this look is all over the place, but while the colors might seem crazy, notice how the brown accessories ground the overall effect. The caramel toned accessories serve to both enforce and calm the effects the oranges. They appear at every level...feet, waist, shoulder, ground the entire ensemble and leave other women wondering, "How does she pull that off?" =)

Look 3
Scenes of Arles--Contrasting

1. J Crew chiffon top
2. J Crew camisole tank top
3. Scenes of Arles skirt
4. Seychelles vintage style pumps
5. Fossil watch
6. H M scarve

This is a great example of how contrasting color choices don't have to be extreme. Black and white is the ultimate contrast to anything, so once you've added those, all you need is another small pop of color. Also, as with coordinating colors, playing patterns against each other is always interesting. Here, there are actually three...the bow in the tank, the skirt, and the striped scarf.

Which look is your favorite, and would you actually wear it...or are these looks merely interesting to look at? =) Much love, mah dears.


  1. oh I just adore the 2nd look with the oranges and browns. But I'm not sure I'd ever wear any of them! :( Sadly I don't think I'm very adventurous in my color choices, but I wish I was!

  2. Love the first look! I would've never thought of the second but like it too, just not on me.

  3. My favorite is the first look--I love the splash of pink, particularly in the zipper. The look is a little bolder than I normally wear, but I could do it! I think I'd tuck in the shirt though... And then enjoy a day out on the town.

    Stephanie from Make Home Make Sense

  4. I love the second look because its best to wear it this summer.


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