Guest Post: Rachel Sayumi

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I recently asked a few fashion bloggers...from college students, newlyweds and mothers to share how they work their wardrobes on their budget and for a few pointers on their personal style.  My guest today is the lovely Rachel Sayumi.

Hello hello,dear friends of Kristina J!
My name is Rachel Sayumi {} and I blog over at xoxo Rachel Sayumi!
Can I just express how delighted I am that the fabulous Kristina asked me to be her guest?!
This is my first guest post, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Kristina is an all around amazing lady!
Today, I'll be chatting a lil bit about outfits in general.
Or should I say, having a mini confession session? Let's get this started.

Confession #1: I don’t really have that many clothes.

If you read my blog,you will soon find that I basically always wear the same two necklaces, the same watch, and the same two shirts/skirts… You really don’t need an overflowing closet full of clothes and accessories to look good. I’m honestly not a “fashionable” person. I just decide to wear certain items together,and be confident with my choices. I definitely have fail days, but through trial and error, I’ve come to realize what looks good and what I’m comfortable wearing.

Confession #2: Sometimes I wear the same shirt in one week.

BAHHH. Did I just say that out loud!? It’s true though. I'm guilty. But guess what?
If you mix and match your outfits,nobody will ever even know. Mwa ha ha.
Have a shirt you like?
Wear it over something. Wear it under something. Dress it up with crazy accessories. Layer it. Belt it. Tie it. Tuck it in. Be open minded. The possibilities are truly endless!

Confession #3: I've never shopped at a few certain stores…

Nordstrom? Anthropologie? J. Crew? Asos? The Gap?
Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Aaaaaandddd nope.
Not because I don’t love their stuff (because I DO!!), it’s just that I don’t have that kind of money. My top picks on clothing stores are...
Thrift stores.
Discounted stores (Ross,Marshall’s,TJ Maxx)
Old Navy. 
Even then, I search the sale racks and ask cashiers for discounts if I see a missing button, stain, etc! I LOVE a good discount!
Recent styles have been so so cute as of late! But do you really “need” that $200 shirt?
Because you can probably find a similar one for $20 elsewhere!
Stop before you shop, and look around first!

Confession #4: I am a major copy-cat!

Reading blogs has truly changed my outlook on putting together my outfits. There are so many inspiring people out there, who were probably inspired by someone else. It’s like the fashion chain reaction of love!
By reading other fashion blogs,I've been able to see what someone is wearing, then going to my own closet and picking out similar items to piece together.
Of course, I add my own twist to it by changing up the colors,or adding a headband.
It’s so much fun, kind of like a game…! (:

Again, thank you Kristina for having me here. What a pleasure!
Hope my lil post gave some of you fresh ideas.
Come say hello over at my lil corner of the blogosphere!
So thankful for all of you. 
Rachel Sayumi.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Rachel! You're adorable, lil lady!

  2. Ahhhh Thanks so much! You are the sweetest! (:

  3. Great idea on having guest posts, Kristina. I really enjoyed your post, Rachel. So, to both of you, congrats from this part of the world!

  4. this girl is like my twin! i am also very cheap, umm thrifty!! i love target and thrift stores, i also am a huge copy cat simply bc i follow blogs!!! love this post, im going to go stalk her now!!!

  5. i love rachel...she is adorable AND sweet!:) such cute outfits she has. and i love the fact that she loves a good deal the most. she and i have some of the same fav stores... ross, old navy, thrift stores and target!<3

  6. Now this is my kind of girl! Fav' comment is about the $200 shirt. I just passed up a $39 hat at Bebe this wkend. Now forty dollars isn't bad, but when I have over 20 hats on my shelf already, I know I can wait til find one less expensive with a little searching! Thanks for sharing a different perspective!

  7. What a great post! I wasn't aware of this blog before but now I am so glad that I know of Rachel! It's so nice and refreshing sometimes to see that you don't need a ton of money to look and feel great.


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