Hana Air Hair Dryer Review

Monday, November 28, 2011

Note: This is a product review for a hair dryer care of Misikko.  
The opinions expressed here are my own.

I haven't used a hairdryer for years, mainly because I've never found one that didn't leave my curly hair limp. I went through a straight hair phase a few years ago when I tried several flat irons to erase all trace of frizz, but after reading the book "Curly Girl", I put the flat irons away and set off to embrace my inner curl.  But finding a hair dryer that didn't damage my already dry hair was a challenge. When I was offered the opportunity to review a hair dryer voted the Premier Hair Dryer two consecutive years I jumped at the chance.  
I felt like a VIP when I received my CHI Hair product.  The packaging was beautiful and included several other styling products and goodies.  I was initially impressed with the sleek design and black metallico finish and couldn't wait to try it out.
I've kept the same hair routine since receiving my new Blow Dryer a few weeks ago to compare exactly how it matches up to my old routine of air drying and I haven't been disappointed.  
--Apply generic brand of Biolage Gelee. 
--Slowly scrunch with paper towel.
--Spray on generic brand (I know I'm cheap) of Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine.
--Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
--Dry with HANA air dryer until almost dry.
--Apply a bit more Freeze and Shine on sections of hair where curls don't feel defined.
--Set in style with HANA air dryer on high cool.
--Let air dry the rest of the way.
This dryer has great balance so it's easy to handle and so quiet for a dryer of its size.  I also love the cold air options, which I tend to use more than the heat settings.  This dryer has a high and low cool air option (my other hair dryers only had one full-force cold option) so I can start with the dryer set on low cool, switch to high heat, then finish off with high cool to set the curl in and keep the frizz at a minimum. 
The result of this combination is bouncy hair with defined curls and almost non-existent frizz...which is really saying a lot because my hair is super thick and more frizzy than curly when left on it's own. After using the HANA dryer, the texture of my hair seemed to be softer as well and left me with feelings of OOOOHHHH and AHHHHHH rather than ARRRGGGGHHH!
The only down side for me was that the handle doesn't fold in, which is only an issue because of the tiny storage drawers in my bathroom.
This dryer is powerful and I would definitely recommend it for anyone with thick hair looking for a dryer that delivers hair with extra bounce and shine.  
Now...if there was only a miracle product to zap those pesky grays...


  1. Love your curls and the pictures. :)

  2. Do you use a diffuser? I also reviewed the Hana dryer and really liked it but was disappointed it didn't come with a diffuser attachment for drying curly hair. I used the attachment from my Solano dryer but it didn't fit properly and kept falling off. I tried to find a diffuser to fit the Hana but have been unsuccessful :( Ultimately, I switched back to my Solano for this reason.

  3. Pam--Mine did come with a diffuser which I use when the dryer is set to high heat. Maybe you could write them and ask for a diffuser attachment? I think a diffuser it really important for curly girls like us.

  4. Your hair is to die for. I love it so much!

    And you seriously have THE best eyes. Ever.

  5. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I would die for curls like that and it seems like this product really worked for you... does it work as well for straighter/slightly wavy hair?


  6. hmmm, I've never used the cool setting on my hair dryer to set my curls before. Maybe I should try that. Thanks for the tips!

  7. May I ask what generic brands of Biolage and Paul Mitchell you are using (I too am cheap!)?

  8. Beautiful! I'm going to try the cool setting next time!


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