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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I recently asked several bloggers to help me while I finalize the details and product photos for my Spring 2012 collection, which I'll start introducing this weekend, if everything comes together!  
Today, my guest is Lisa, whose style I love for the way she incorporates color and print into her everyday looks.
Hi ladies, I'm Lisa from respect the shoes. First of all, many thanks to Kristina, for graciously inviting me to guest post!  What I really appreciate about style blogging is that I get to "meet" a bunch of strong, talented and beautiful women - like Kristina - who all may share an affinity for certain silhouettes or brands, but all do it while maintaining their own unique style and ideas.

I'm probably not a very good role model when it comes to shopping. Other than being a thrifty (i.e., cheap) person by nature, I don't typically shop with a plan or a budget. I used to be queen of personal shopping practicality, but style blogging has really opened my eyes to trying new things that I normally would be scared of. I've gotten so much inspiration from seeing what other real women wear on their blogs, while at the same time challenging myself to be more creative with my own style. Now this certainly doesn't mean I buy whatever I want at whatever the cost (see above, about being cheap?), but it does mean that I don't necessarily think about how a piece fits into my current wardrobe before buying it, or if it is practical, or if I already have too many skirts, shoes, etc. I buy things based on how I react to it (and obviously if it fits me well). Which does mean that my closet resembles a color and pattern riot. It does lack in some basics. Sometimes it can be a challenge to put something together when I'm rushed/tired/sick.
What my impulse-driven shopping habit has done for me is "force" me to think more out of the box when getting dressed in the morning. No more regular ole blend-into-the-crowd clothes for me. Before blogging, I would have never thought of mixing patterns or putting on multiple bright colors or loading up with statement jewelry before, but with much of it peeking out of my closet, I can't help but to reach for a striped skirt or floral shirt nowadays. I now honestly find getting dressed a lot more fun. It's a great creative outlet for me, and I appreciate making an effort to look nice.
So, do I consider myself a person with a specific "style?" I honestly couldn't describe my own overall look now - though I can see a piece in the store and think that's so me. I feel like style evolves with the person and we are all always changing, so I never really close my mind to a new trend or silhouette (at least until I've tried it once - and I've sure had some Failures in the name of fashion). I do consider fit a lot though, which is a also something I didn't really do before blogging. And then personal comfort (too strappy, too tight, too short = no-go) but it kind of works itself out as I have to dress for a corporate environment. So my overall pieces may be tame (skirts to the knee, no low-cut shirts) but I can make up for it with a bright color or bold shoe. But this is just me and how I think about fashion, and though I love it, I'm no expert.

How do you ladies define your own style? How do you determine what works for you?

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  1. Blogger just ate my comment for lunch. It may have been too long.'

    I remember all these outfits Lisa. I even recall mentioning that the Castle Lake was one of my favorite dresses on you.

    I'm Bohemian. Boho! Ewww! Anthro considers me Layered and Quirky.

    For the most part I try to choose styles that are flattering. At my age I can look at a dress and rate it in 2 seconds. And I love it when the least expected, turns out to be a favorite. Like the Lemon Lift Off Blouse.

    Hopefully Blogger won't eat this comment for dinner.

  2. Looove outfits 2 and 3...super cute & well put together :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Thanks so much, Laura! I adore the castle lake dress myself, it truly is one of my fave Anthro pieces. I definitely need to wear it more often!

    Thanks, Annie, you're sweet!

    (Thanks for having me, Kristina!)

  4. I think I'm like you- I don't know how to describe my style (other than saying I love bright colors and patterns) but I walk into stores and see things that are so "me." What makes them that i don't know :)

  5. You have great style! Thanks for your post!

  6. What a wonderfully unique collection of high heels and wedges shoes.


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