Wearing: Alary

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"All the beautiful sentiments in the world 
weigh less than a single lovely action."
                                                                                  --James Russell Lowell

Dress:: Anthro Alary
Belt:: Anthro
Bag:: Fossil Vintage Re-Issue
Pumps:: UO
Watch:: AE

There's nothing so amazing as a beautiful friend.
It's not often a girl feels safe enough with another person to shed her defenses and risk being completely herself. The greatest friends know how to read between the lines of our bad days and respond with random acts of kindness. With those few special people, a girl never has to laugh when she feels like crying, or be quiet when she needs to talk or stay calm when she's upset. 
A good friend comes in when all the world has gone out bringing with her a comforting hug and the brilliant flash of a reassuring smile...she gives much more than is expected and expects much less than she deserves.
It's never here today...gone tomorrow.
It's a consistent, steady presence.
Because the best friendships do not flash. They glow.

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  1. Love your writing! You are a true inspiration to me :)

    p.s. You look stunning!

  2. Great dress,you are seriously so fabulous. I love the shoes.

  3. You write so beautifully! And that dress with the belt and shoes - gorgeous! You make me want to run up stairs and throw on a fab dress, even though I'm just at the house :)

  4. The bag and belt compliment the dress so well. And you look beautiful like always!!

  5. Lovely dress, Kristina! You nailed female friendship, girl. I was lucky to spend the day with a friend just like you described. I am blessed and sounds like you are too if you have friends like that.

  6. love your bag - I need one like that! And your sentiments on a good friend - so true and so sweet :).

  7. Such beautiful writing - and so true. Loving that dress, especially with that lovely bag and the red pumps - perfectly put together and SO pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. Such a cute outfit! Love Fossil purses!

  9. Red shoes!!! I like your friend sentiments. My bff definitely glows!

  10. Yet another AMAZING outfit on you! Those red shoes are seriously to die for and I love how they really make a statement here. That dress is so neat too, the pattern is fun and is just so flattering. Beautiful lady :)



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