Outfits for Every Season By Adding Layers | The Pink + Orange Edition

Friday, January 30, 2015


I hate strongly dislike being cold. I also hate strongly dislike limiting my brightly colored pieces to being worn only in the summer. Putting these two together is what drives me to create outfits for each season by adding layers to my summer pieces. It's a pretty formulaic way for me to use my clothes more effectively while keeping my look fresh. If you read my post on overcoming 12 months of insecurity, you saw the spring version of this outfit and since then, I've been able to rework the same pink and orange pieces to use even as the weather turned chilly. I've found that extra layers of denim and khaki always add interest and texture. Next year, I could go with a different colored cardigan and work through the whole formula again to create an entirely new group of outfits. Cool, yeah?


  1. Mmm. That is one special skirt! No wonder you want to wear it in every season. I " intensely dislike" the cold too. I'll have to keep your advice in mind. :) Thanks KJ!

  2. How do you keep your legs warm in winter? Tall boots with tights will usually work,but for the retro style dresses(Modcloth inspired) I prefer,boots don't usually go with those types of dresses.I want to wear all my lined dresses with a cardigan now,but cannot find a way to keep my legs warm enough to do it.

  3. The formula looks great on you!



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