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Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's never just another stop in a shopping trip.
It's an experience--
a ramble through an art gallery, a stroll through a designer's mind,
a plethora of vintage-inspired fabrics made up in shapes relevant to today--
it's a thousand and one moments of inspiration.
You always walk out of the store with the sense that it's okay to be the individual you are, to pull together the pieces you do, because the store itself has its own personality.
It's not like the other ones you visit, not well-arranged and immaculate in its presentation.
This store goes out of its way to color outside the lines.
It's a place where you can be yourself, by yourself, even at the risk of someone thinking you're completely uncool.
But that always comes back around, doesn't it?
Because the individuals who are truest to themselves never fail to be the coolest of all. =)


  1. Anthropolgy just opened up here in Calgary, Canada and it has made me so happy to just be in there and know that I can go whenever I want without a plane ticket!

  2. Um, yes, I have a small obsession with anthropologie. They give me fashion envy

  3. Great pictures!!

    Also love your site banner! :o)


  4. Thank you for the eye-candy and the outfits are helpful when planning what to wear for the week ahead!

  5. Anthroplogy always has the prettiest displays!

  6. Great pics :) I might have to go check out Anthropolgy next time I'm in Toronto.

  7. anthro gets me everytime. seriously, i need to work there so i can just enjoy it all day!

  8. So glad you were able to get to Anthro to see all the lovelies in person! I smiled when I saw the picture of you with the paintbrush in your hand.

  9. This should be "an ode to Anthropologie!" You perfectly explain why so many of us are infatuated with that store - not only are the clothes fantastic, but going there is like an experience!

  10. I love Anthropolgie! I always get inspiration from their stores. I love your photos and style by the way. Your clothes look fabulous!


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