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Friday, January 21, 2011

It always makes me laugh when I see a magazine that promises to
uncover yet another celebrity's secret to everlasting beauty.
I always think, "What secret?"
Give me 24 million dollars and a team of experts and I bet I'd look stunning all the time, too.
But show me a woman who buys whatever she can afford from her
favorite stores and works them together in interesting and cohesive ways:
then you've got my attention.
They way women put things together is so revealing.
I love how two women can take the same piece and mix it with something else in a way that makes sense for their lifestyle and end up with two distinctive looks.
You never see those women wearing a blazer with three sleeves, or heels so outrageous they can barely stand.
They understand that what works on the mannequin in the store, might possibly look ridiculous on them.

Give me the flawed perfection of the woman next door over the air-brushed celebrity any day,
'cuz more than likely, she's the woman who will touch a life.
Whether she's a piano teacher to your children or the nurse who cares for you in the hospital.
She's real. She's smart. She's you.
(LOFT Jacket, Target Merona Skirt, UO Belt and Kimchi Blue Oxfords, H&M beanie, Hue tights)


  1. Exactly, Kristina. BRAVO!!!!!!!!

    (LOVE ALL of your outfits by the way. Since this is the first(or second?) time i speak up, I thought I need to mention it. Especially how you wear peppered and striped skirt, breathtakingly beautiful)

    Any how, every time I read LUCKY (or INSTYLE) I always wonder why people haven't come up with an equally beautiful magazine with actually AFFORDABLE clothing, accessories and beauty products. It might not be as glamorous, but definitely can be as beautiful (if not more).

  2. Well said :)

    And that LOFT jacket is gorgeous!


  3. great post!
    and love your amazing, inspired!
    Fab new header btw!

  4. Very sweet little post. I think everyone who reads fashion blogs feels along the same lines.

    Cute new header!

  5. I like what you had to say. I like your red hat :) I need to incorporate more red into my wardrobe too.

  6. Totally! I love real women. And I love that red beanie :)

  7. I wrote a little about this in my post today (FBFF kind of prompted it, though). I've been so turned off by the "mainstream expectations." I'm so far from perfect, but I'm real. And I seek that out in others, too.

    LOVE your hair so much- how do you curl it?

  8. I love this post and say amen to that!!!! I am doing a hat giveaway that would be right up your alley, you should enter!

  9. What a beautifully written post. Your style is really unique and I adore your photography.

  10. Truer words have never been said!

  11. Thank you so much for your comment!
    Such a lovely post! It's nice to read such true and thoughtful words.

  12. Beautiful post, Kristina! And these photos of you in the falling snow are so lovely! You look wonderful as always!

  13. brrr...looks cold, but man, you've got it so right Kristina. And your words couldn't be more true - just lovely.

  14. Love your style and that all your outfits are skirts or dresses, was wondering if you are apostolic? I am and don't often see people on blogs dressing similar to that. Just wondering....YOU and your fashion are beautiful! I'll check back on your comments thanks!

  15. I do not know why when I saw your last pic, the black and white, a thought of "From Russia with Love" just conjured in my mind.
    Love all your pics. So Beautiful. And the chair in the bridge, So Original!.
    Cindy Bronto

  16. I love this! Perfect for winter and of course the pictures are beautiful!

    The more blogs I read, the more I look to them instead of magazines for inspiration.

  17. really great post and i second the first comment. where is the affordable fashion magazine? i guess that's why fashion blogging has really taken off. real people + real budgets + real daily activities.
    anywhooo, my favorite celeb beauty tip is when they claim they eat whatever they want and drink lots of waters and get 14 hours a sleep a night. i didn't realize so many celebs were comedians!
    and, i love how your hat looks warm, but still looks delicate. lovely.


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