Making it Work: Peppered and Striped

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Evenin', mah dears!
It's been awhile, I know...since my last post, and since I've done a making it work feature.
As you know, if you follow, I've been doing an inordinate amount of work on
a couple special projects and not near enough dressing up. =)
To fill in the space, I thought about working up a few polyvore sets, then realized it
would be much more interesting to ask some lovely ladies out in the
blogging world to help me with this special feature.
If you follow these ladies, you've already seen these pictures,
but I thought putting them together in one place would be nothing short of a visual feast.
They are mothers, professionals, bloggers, and newlyweds
wearing the Peppered and Striped skirt from Anthropologie in beautiful and diverse ways.

Anthro Pick a Bunch Cardi, her own shoes
This was the first styling I saw of the skirt, and is still one of my faves,
mainly because it is so quintessentially her--such a genius at mixing colors.
When I met up with Courtnee last November in Cincinnati,
I got to see her mad styling skills in action and it didn't take her 20 seconds to pull this together.
If ever you need new inspiration on how to combine different colors, she's your girl.

J.Crew Cardigan, Anthro Dotty Cluster tights, Mia Mary Janes
Last January, February and March, I was pretty much stuck in my house
recuperating from a double neuro-surgery. It was an overwhelming time
during which I felt weak, useless and not-pretty (if that's an expression).
I came across Kim's blog one day and have followed ever since.
She has a unique ability to spin every piece into it's most feminine, pastel version,
and like her styling here, manages to incorporate lavender wherever she can.

J.Crew cardi and tank, UO Suede Pumps
I discovered Tara's blog only a couple months ago, but she always
inspires with her words, beauty, and more often than not, a brightly-colored pair of shoes.
She has this amazing knack at putting a glamorous spin on every piece.
Her outfits always stir the imagination and leave you wondering, "Now, why didn't I think of that?"

James Perse Blouse, Mui Mui Pumps
I adore Carol. For starters, she's been with me from the beginning, but more than that...
She's funny. She's smart...and we both love LOTR (translation: Aragorn).
I'm always teasing her, "Everything you recommend, I find myself
rushing out to buy, or at least wishing I could buy."
I think it's because we're both mothers that I have a certain affinity for her style.
She gets it. Everything she pulls together makes me think,
Wow, I could wear that and be a mommy, too!

J.Crew cardi and socks, American Apparel tank, Her Majesty Seychelles
Jinah just looks fabulous, doesn't she? That color cardigan is perfect, and I love that
she doesn't shy away from socks with pumps, 'cuz this has been coming
for a long time.

LOFT blouse, Land's End Heritage Cardi, Target Merona Marylynn Pumps
Jan is another mother who's "layering ways"I find absolutely adorable.
We are both girly girls trying to raise two sons, and I love her blog
both for her humor and well-coordinated taste. Plus, like me, she's petite,
so I always enjoy getting her take on what works and what doesn't.

Anthropologie Jam Jar Cardigan, Bush Berry tights, Poetic License shoes
Tien is impeccable and creative. Whenever I feel like I need to
look a little more like a grown-up, I look to Tien. She's a master at pulling together
the details; of evoking an emotion in you simply with what she's wearing.
The posts on her blog always leave me with the sense that
I've just experienced a work of art.

J.Crew tank, Anthro Wish You Were Here Cardi and Lost Glasses tights, UO belt
So, obviously, I'm not gonna sit here and expound on myself,
especially when I just posted this outfit a couple weeks ago.
But here's the take-away value of this post.
A simple wool skirt isn't just one skirt--it's six or 10 or 12.
It's the base for as many looks as you're brave enough to wear.
So, go buy your wardrobe a gray, wool skirt, 'cuz it really wants one,
it just can't figure out how to tell you...=)


  1. It's such a lovely dress... with the blouse/cardigan/pumps combination, it's a sure winner! :)


  2. Thanks so much for including me Kristina! I love this post. It's awesome to see so many different ways to wear the same piece, and also how each of us styled it so differently :) It's definitely given me more ideas on how to style my skirt!

  3. Kristina, you are too sweet! I adore you too and am always so impressed by your skill, talent, and creativity! And what a great idea, putting all these outfits together in one place like this. I loved seeing them all, sort of side-by-side. Thanks for including me. ^_^

  4. Real life PV is so much better! Even though I don't own this skirt, it still gives me ideas on how to wear a similar piece in my closet and putting together pieces for the top. Great post!

  5. i loooove these photos and that skirt!!

  6. Oh goodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love all of the outfits...and especially lovin' this skirt!!

  8. oh i adore when people do swaps like this. I am expecting a swap in the mail soon myself. how fun!!

  9. great tip! You all so amazingly stylish!! I love it!!!


  10. What a fantastic post! Love the idea of gathering wonderful, & unique ensembles with the same foundation of the lovely Anthro skirt! :) And I'm going to look up Lost Glasses for their tights right now :)

    PS - thank you so much for your sweet comment on my earring tutorial :) You'd be a pro, better than me I have no doubt, at creating some beauties! But I will tell you the buttons I used were made out of plastic...I plan on looking for more and hopefully find some that are metal so that they'll last longer... but for now, the plastic is doing it's job :)

  11. So fun to see lots of ways to wear this skirt, thanks for including me. And for thinking I'm funny ;) I'm madly in love with Tien's Jam Jar sweater - the red is so unexpected but perfect with the skirt!

  12. All the ladies look beautiful in the skirt! Question: Has anyone cleaned the skirt yet? Handwash or dry clean? Thanks for the advice!


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