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Monday, January 17, 2011

Putting my cute, 1950's armchair in the middle of the road was
probably the dumbest idea I've ever come up with,
and I'm sure the man in the red pick-up thought the girl out there
blocking the bridge and reading Ivanhoe was quite possibly insane,
but it seemed like a great idea at the time...you know, thinking it could look all romantic and stuff.
It's really a severe personality flaw, being kitschy that way,
but I figure, I might as well just be myself, 'cuz nobody can do that like I can.
And anyway, don't you think it's the quirks of a person that make them
real, lovable and just downright entertaining sometimes?

The things that annoyed me most about my brother when he was alive
became the very things I missed most about him when he had gone.
Nathaniel and I were different as night and day.
He was street smart, driven and focused.
I was driven...but I just never quite knew where I was driving to.
I spent my childhood annoyed with him for thinking
he was always right, for knowing so much about everything.

I have to admit he did have just cause to be aggravated at times.
The first time I filled my car up with gas after getting my driver's license,
I very carefully squeezed the nozzle up to $18.50 worth of gas
and was headed in to pay when Nathaniel glanced at the pump and asked,
"Why didn't you put twenty dollars in?"
"I did", I said, "but I only have a twenty-dollar bill and I wanted to make sure I had enough to cover the tax."
Nathaniel hung his head like he'd failed me in the worst way. "Kristina", he said with great control, though I could sense he was seconds away from losing it, "the tax is already included in the price."

I felt like such a...well, there really aren't words. But, of course, I laughed at myself.
I'd always been that girl, the book-smart one whose IQ never quite
made up for what was lacking in common sense.

I'd like to think I've gained a bit of savoir-faire since then,
but the raw truth is that I'm still a little off--head in the clouds--a bit too awkward to actually be cool...
but maybe, hopefully...my natural exuberance is the thing you'll miss most about me when I'm gone.

(Anthropologie Drifting By Dress, J.Crew Ethereal Cardi, Rampage oxfords, HUE tights)
Photos courtesy of LookNook


  1. Love the pics! and hooray for curly hair!!! you look gorgeous

  2. Yeah, the chair in the middle of the road was a gutsy move! But the bridge itself is so picturesque, I don't know how you could have resisted that idea. =) Also, your hair is looking unbelievably curly, in the best way. I quite like it.

  3. These pictures are dreamy -- the outfit, the styling, the location, the book (Ivanhoe!), everything! I love your the joy, creativity, sweetness and whimsy that comes across here and in all of your posts Kristina! You have such a wonderful personality and it makes me wish I could meet you in real life :)

  4. SO beautiful...and how on earth did you get that chair in the middle of the road? That's amazing! I love the shots, there's a bit of nostagia and romance about them.
    oh and btw - I have those ditzy moments myself..almost everyday. I just laugh them off too..hehe.

  5. Beli and Sara--Aahh, the hair...I came from the womb with it, and its just always gonna be this way. And I quite like it, too, actually...

    Anjali--Coming from you this is the highest compliment...I've thought all these things about you and your blog a ton of times...you're an inspiration, dahling.

    Jen--If only I could fly to Australia and be ditzy with you...what fun that would be!

  6. I think you're totally cool and so is this chair. I love photos of furniture outside in natural settings. Like when I see a photo of someone sitting on an antique sofa in the middle of a field my heart melts. I would love to have my photo taken like that.

    And it's not just the photo setting, it's the person being photographed. Not only is this dress gorgeous, but you can tell in your eyes that you are one cool chick.

  7. All these ladies here already said all the things I wanted to say about this awesome post, and you, so I will just say I love it!! Don't pay any attention to those annoying, moment-spoiling red trucks. :)

  8. Red pick-up guy is crazy because these are fantastic! I love the chair and you look amazing! The blush pink really suits you.

  9. You are so funny taking the chair to the bridge! How did you do it? Did you lift it yourself? It made for great pics! Like the other ladies have said, I too, would love to be your friend in real life! You look great in the Drifting By!

  10. I LOVE these pictures, Kristina! So beautiful...And, I personally think that the quirky things about someone's personality is what makes them fun to be around. Don't change! :)

  11. Not only remember it, but I'd cherish it while you are HERE - heck, I would jump up and down with you on that chair. I wish I didn't need someone else to feel free enough to be nut with -but I need a partner in crime, otherwise I'm just horribly self concious and calculated. Your exuberence and the ability to act on it really is ADORABLE! Love your beautiful outfit!

  12. Just wanted everyone ta know that lifting this chair is def on the no-no list from my surgeon, but I had two girls takin' my pictures that day, and we all three, but mostly them, moved that crazy chair out of my car and onto the bridge! We actually took it down to the river too, I just haven't posted those pics yet.

  13. I love the photos you have taken, the lovely dress and of course the shoes (which I have two pairs that look almost alike..). And I love the idea of bringing the chair out on the bridge :-) Lovely!! And I'm sure that everyone that know you, love you just the way you are!

  14. Brilliant, I can't believe you took your chair and planted it in the middle of the road for your blog. You are a superstar.

    P.s. I love your new header! I'm probably really late to the party on that one but I've been in and out of blogland the last week :)

  15. You look fantastic, Kristina. Like all the other ladies said - dreamy, vintagey, pretty, romantic, chic.

    No issues with the gas pumping - my BF's big sis (who is a smart-as-a-whip lawyer) once told her fam that she was going to go out and buy some stamps before the price went up. Ah, sigh.

  16. I love these pretty, pretty pictures! I am so glad you made that man in the red truck wait!

  17. Thanks for such an honest, heartfelt post. I think it takes a lot of gumption to open yourself up to your readers like that!! It goes without saying that the pics are perfectly splendid!!!

  18. That is the coolest idea ever! It made for a great photo. I love your dress!

  19. awww that's so cute about the gas tax and you. HAHAHA. I thought it was cute anyway.

  20. Oh Kristina your wonderful and honest words pireced right through my very own soul! I can TOTALLY relate with you on so many levels.I am exactly that person. At the moment I am a bit hyped on life and cannot sit still with so many ideas running through my head. I am so glad I have connected with you. Cannot wait to read up more on your life and styles- absolutely wonderful pictures by the way : )

  21. Kristina,

    Your photos are dreamy, your style effortless, and your words are so thoughtful and true. Thank you for continuing to share so much of yourself with all of us!


  22. I really like the chair. A great idea! I love this post!

  23. This is so gorgeous. I love your new blog header too! (not sure how new it is but it's new since last time i visited...) And your hair is divinely curly...I can't recall if I've asked you before or not, but as a fellow curly-head I'm wondering what are your favorite curl enhancement and/or taming products?

  24. Cheers to you for having the creativity to take a chair and Ivanhoe out in public -- and on a street -- for a photoshoot. I'm hoping you had help to get the chair out there?

    In any case, I do find this photo shoot romantic. I love everything quirky about it, and appreciate all the extra effort that was expended to make it "just right."

    BTW, I wore a pair of shoes in my most recent post that reminded me a bit of your Crown Vintage oxfords. They're fabulous and will be making many more OOTD appearances : )

  25. This outfit is completely mesmerizing! I love that dress...so amazing and cupcakey! I don't know why I always associate ruffles with cupcakes...and the chair in the road. so worth it...those pictures are gorgeous!!! I love randomly placed chairs!

  26. WOW! Your outfit is absolutely incredible! And you are gorgeous! Thanks for your sweet compliment on my blog! :)

  27. Loved this post! So sweet how you miss your brother and his "annoying" quirks! The gas story made me laugh! You look drop dead gorgeous!


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