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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This will work best if the fabric is silk.  I only used 6 circles for this flower because the smallest circle ended up being covered completely by the beads so I left it out.  Make your largest circle as big as you want the finished flower to be. My flower is three inches wide.

A little trick about buying beads: 
Go to Claire's or Icing and buy a beaded bracelet or earrings off the clearance wall in the colors you need.  Much, much cheaper than buying a big pack of way more beads than you need from a craft store.

If you prefer the flower to be permanently attached, then skip the pin and attach the flower directly to the hat.
I'm all about options, so I prefer to keep the flower detachable in case I want to use it later as a lapel pin, hair accessory or attached to a ribbon belt.  


  1. Thanx 4 sharin kristina, u r talented as I said b4...:)

  2. So crafty and cute!!! I love it! And that color looks gREAT on youu!

  3. Just too cute!! And you make it look so easy!!

  4. So simple but SO cute!!! Thanks, Kristina!

  5. WOW< this is such a cool Idea. I just found your blog and this is so creative, love how you added the detail by burning the edges. Great post.


  6. Wow that looks so cute!! You can pull off hats really well too... it's def not the most flattering thing on me. But I love how the edges of the flower are burned, making it look more worn. Such a great color on you..

  7. i LoVe! i lOvE!!



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