5 Steps to an Easy Summer Updo

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer is the stuff of lightness--exactly the thing my heavy, curly hair is not. While curls can look utterly romantic and as easy-breezy as those never-to-be-repeated lazy days, I spend most of the summer with my hair swept up off my neck to survive the heat. It's always a plus to find hairstyles that keep me cool while also showcasing the texture of my naturally frizzy hair

This hairstyle is a messy update on an old school updo. It can look fresh and on trend with a whimsical embroidery wrapped hair comb (tutorial coming this week) and imperfect curls keep it from looking too precious. Summer heat crisis avoided.

1.  Pull hair to one side and anchor vertically between crown and nape with a large bobby pin. 
2.  Gather all hair into a ponytail at nape of neck, but don't secure.
3.  Twist hair up and around one finger to form twist.
4.  Holding roll secure with one hand, tuck hair up and underneath twist with other hand so ends remain loose and free at top of roll.


  1. Hey,
    amazing hairstyle. Thanks for the tutorial!


  2. So clever with the large bobby pin underneath. I particularly like the idea of embroidery floss around the comb!


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