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Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm not a fan of drawstrings. Maybe for my pajamas or a sweatshirt...that I have to wear when I'm sick in bed but even then...no. Drawstrings never stay tied (when they do it's never tight enough) and the effect is always shapeless. But their greatest offense is that drawstrings prevent me from using my favorite accessories...belts.  Enter: ELASTIC. A belt-loving-girl's best friend.

Step 1 | Cut a length of elastic to the length that covers only the 4-6 middle inches of your waist. 

Put the dress on inside out. With pins, mark where you want the elastic ends to be. 
Take the dress off and still inside out, fold the fabric so the pins are matched together. Mark the center with another pin. 
Pin the elastic ends in place and match the center of elastic piece to center of dress. 

Chic Girl's Tip: I never add elastic to the side portion of my clothes. Keeping the elastic at the center front and back eliminates awkward fullness where the fabric falls over the hips. The final effect is always more slimming. 

Step 2 |  On the inside of dress, stitch elastic directly to waist of dress, stretching elastic to fit fabric.

Step 3 |  Repeat for the back.

Now your dress should stay put and have a much more flattering shape when worn. 
Simple fix. World of difference.

YOUR TURN: How do you feel about drawstrings in dresses? 

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  1. I am with you! the bunches, and gathers all get wonky by mid day. Love the idea of tacking them in place with elastic! Another brilliant idea!

  2. genius idea! Because I do not have genius ideas of my own, I would probably find a way to belt OVER the drawstring to still have the effect/look I was striving for all along :) I should be embarrassed to admit my lack of vision - lol

  3. Great idea, plus I find whenever I have a drawstring that ties behind, the knot digs into my back when I sit down - sooo annoying.

  4. I only like drawstrings in pajamas, and even then, I make the back half elastic and the front half drawstring ties. It's a cuter look than just an elastic waist, but it's more comfy because of the elastic.

    That said, I love the halter top look on this dress! I've been wanting to make a dress like this for summer.


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