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Sunday, December 14, 2014

jeweled clutch

Projects like this prove you don't have to go all ruffles and stuff to get your glam on and you can get a clutch like this in two easy steps. And I love a small clutch for holiday events, church programs and parties...big enough to carry what you need without the hassle of hauling a giant bag over the shoulder of your pretty dress.  
When it comes to finding the right kind of jewels, I've found bracelets with large pieces attached by elastic are the easiest and most convenient (no assembly required). They're easy to disassemble and using larger, stand-alone pieces that are ready to glue to your bag will save you the time of gluing several tiny pieces together. 

what you need pink

--small clutch
--several bracelets or flat-back jewels (I bought mine from Charming Charlie)
--hot glue gun

how to make a jeweled clutch1
 how to make a jeweled clutch2 

what you do pink

1.  Cut the elastic band from the jewels, if you're using strung jewelry.

how to make a jeweled clutch3 

2.   Hot glue jewels to clutch in desired pattern. I went with an up and down pattern and only covered the top flap.
3.   DONE.

how to make a jeweled clutch4

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