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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

how to make a diy bridal haircomb via Kristina j blog
how to make a diy bhldn inspired haircomb via kristina j blog

Summer is the season of weddings and I'm always drooling over the gorgeous bridal hair pieces from BHLDN. I've been working on a few do-it-yourself accessories that can have you ready to attend a wedding in no time! 
First up is this super easy (and I mean SUPER EASY) hair comb. I created one with white pearl chandelier earrings and another with blue beads that could be used by bridesmaids or for yourself as a pretty guest. If you snag the earrings on clearance, these DIY bridal hair-combs could cost you less than $5, which is beans compared to a whopping $140 you could spend at a bridal store. Go forth and create, mah dears.

how to make a diy bhldn inspired hair comb via kristina j blog

what you need pink
--Chandelier earrings
--Jewelry Pliers
--Hot Glue Gun

diy bridal haircomb
diy bridal hair comb

what you do pink

1.  Using the pliers, remove the ear hoop from the earrings.
2.  Run a bead of hot glue along the top section of the hair comb and press earring flat keeping dangling beads free from glue. Let dry.
3.  Done.

diy bridal haircomb
how to make a bhldn inspired hair comb

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