Wearing: Converse Sneakers

Monday, August 16, 2010

Please excuse me while I relive my childhood.
I walked into Target and put on a pair of Converse sneakers for the first time in 20 years and couldn't take them off...seriously, I wore them out of the store.
And worse, I've worn them with practically (ahem) everything.
Maybe it's the memories they evoke of an ideal childhood or the crisp whiteness of a new pair or just the fact that they are ridiculously comfortable, but whatever the case may be, I'll be wearing them for the next few weeks while I can still ecstatically say that I 'm a twenty-something mom of three!

(Anthropologie Weave-the-Ring Skirt, J.CREW Kimono Twisted Placket Button-up, V-Neck Vest and Sea-grass Messenger Bag, All-Star Converse Sneakers)

So, Readers...do you ever secretly put on a deliciously comfortable pair of shoes and wish your platforms felt that amazing on?


  1. I love this look! I've been wanted to try sneakers with a skirt, but wasn't sure how it would work. I think the trick is to wear a full enough skirt, like you did, so that the legs still look long and lean.

    I'm thinking I can wear a pair of black and gray sneakers with my Anthro Green Thumb skirt...Hmm...wheels are turning...

    This outfit looks like it could be for the first day of school (and I definitely mean that as a compliment -- I always loved picking out an outfit for the first day of school). No one would ever guess that you're a mom of three!

  2. My first starts kindergarten next week!!! Time flies...

  3. You look adorable, like a super young 18-21 college co-ed student and I adore the look, plaid skirt, vest, CONVERSE and all. I do like Converse sneakers too though I didn't grow up wearing them. LOL


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