Reconstructing: Charlotte Russe Dresses

Monday, September 27, 2010

I recently fell in love with this printed "dress" at Charlotte Russe, but when I tried it on I was left wondering where in
the world the rest of the fabric had gotten to.
Literally, I would have described it as a shirt, but no,
the helpful teenage clerk assured me it was supposed to be a dress.


Since I love, love, love the print and purple seems to be everywhere for fall, I decided to buy two "dresses" which I got BOGO (Buy One Get One) and see what I could do with them.
Gotta say, I'm really happy with the result.

(Target Cloche, LOFT and Anthro belts, twisted together, UO Kimichi Blue Skimmers, my own bike)


  1. Wow, I am so impressed Kristina! I constantly have this problem with Forever 21 dresses and am forced to walk away. I never thought of buying two and sewing them together, that's brilliant. You did an awesome job -- it looks seamless, truly! And the print is indeed lovely, so I'm so glad you found a way to wear it :)

  2. Great print! Your revised version looks great on you!

  3. I am constantly impressed with your sewing skills. This is a great creation because I would have totally passed on the original product but would love to buy your end result. Well done!

  4. You are amazing with your sewing skills - the dress looks gorgeous on you! Cute bike, too!

  5. Hey Kristina
    I'm very amazed with your sewing skills - i wish i could sew! you are very creative, which for this reason, i voted you "most creative style" in the Anthropologie blogger awards :-)
    Oh and i just love that cloche on you! it goes so well with the dress.
    Jen @

  6. you are a wonder with a sewing machine lady!!! Love it!

  7. WOW! that was crazy bold of you to buy two and see if you could make them into one! (that song 'when two become one...' is currently going through my head, lol). I'm so impressed! Nice job!

  8. Hi Kristina!

    After your sweet comment you sent me I had to come and check out your blog and I have to say that your style is amazing! I would LOVE to see a picture of your finished Sugar coated dress replication...I bet it is gorgeous! I also really love your photography. The pictures are so pretty and the locations are really neat. I look forward to seeing more from you and your sewing creations!

  9. Jen, I am a really small fish in a huge pond, so I'm really flattered that you thought of me...very sweet of you.

  10. You're just amazing. I'm ever in awe. =D The dress looks really wonderful!

  11. Is that the Cloche from the Target "I'm a hat person" ad? I'm in love with it. Sooooo perfect with your dress! And, the dress construction, you've got some skillzzz, lady.

  12. This is genius! Seriously this is my number 1 problem when shopping. I'm 5'10" so all the supposed "dresses" in style right now barelly cover my bum. ha so I am going to try this next time I see a dress I fall in love with.
    How did you do it though? I figured you just sewed the second skirt onto the first to make it longer but it looks seamless! I guess that's what being an amazing seamstress will do. :)

  13. Kristina,

    HOW do you do it??? Every thing you do is I hope to do one day. Please do share HOW you do the things you is of course a natural gift given to you by God to creat these wonderful pieces...please share !!

    I have many shirts and dresses that are TOO big (given to me from many others) and I hope to re create them into shirts or skrits. Any tips!?? Thank you thank you !! God bless you :D

    - Kari

    ps. you are a are very good at what you do ! I wish I could spend just 5 mintues with you; let your talent rub off on me haha.

  14. Brilliant :)

    Love the length you went for :) Love your hair like this and I want your pretty bike! ;)


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