Spring Picks: Boden

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Favorites: For the Color-Lover

Every time I get a new Boden catalog in the mail
I rush through the pages, trying to take it all in...
then, I spend the next couple weeks pouring over every detail.
There's nothing quite so vibrant as
the rainbow of colors always present in it's pages...
Boden always carries the essential pieces
a girl might want in her wardrobe
in an array of colors and with unexpected details.
And does it seem to anyone else that Boden is
the colorful sister of J.Crew, especially since J.Crew
started taking herself so seriously?

1. Metallic Trench The rich navy is a great twist on the black or khaki staple.
2. Soft Leather Flats A punch of color to accent any outfit (and you'd even be able to bike in them).
3. Leather Biker Jacket I love the length and the color of this one.
4. Stripy Scarf Graphic stripes in navy or pink.
5. Relaxed Silk Dress A dress and print that look really great, but also easy to wear.
6. Fab Plimsolls I fell in love with these from day one! Love the silver ones, too!
7. Casual Satchel Another easy way to add color to an outfit, plus, the color reminds me of the ocean...
8. Silk Painterly Top I could do so much with this...
9. Silk Leaf Dress The silhouette is structured, but the detailing is intricate enough to make you feel special, not just office-ready.


  1. I am SO craving color as well! LOVE boden too!

  2. Those red flats r so yummy, need a pair plz....=b

  3. I adore that relaxed silk dress! That color combo is so amazing! Good pics

  4. The secret is out I guess. I've been keeping Boden to myself because I didn't think that many people knew about it. And who wants to share stores. Haha. But seriously, I love that place.


  5. The Leater Biker Jacket and the Silk Leaf Dress are my faves of the bunch...to die for!!! Love all your picks!

  6. Those are great. My favorites are 5, 6 and 9. Especially 6 (awesome color) & 9 (the detailing). I need both!! :)

  7. Thank you sooooo much for visiting me the other day...I adore your sweet blog. Now all these beautiful items make my heart happy today. I am so looking for a spring floral dress....and that one is perfect! Could use that bag as well. Hugs for a great Tuesday. xoxoxo

  8. Love the dress (#5). It's funny, I noticed yesterday that I have no bright colors in my wardrobe at all. I remedied that slightly today but I clearly have more shopping to do.

    Hope you find room for your favs in your closet too. :)


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