Wearing: A Separate Space

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Evening, dahlings!
I've had the most amazing weekend...
got to spend a beautiful morning at the park with friends,
enjoyed a perfect afternoon with my children,
and finished reading The King's Speech
(which I thought was brilliant).

I caved on my shopping ban to
buy a pair of patent leather ballet flats from DSW,
although I don't really think it counts,
'cuz my Rewards certificate was about to expire,
so I JUST HAD to use it up, right?
Don't want any free money to go to waste...

So, what did you think of the Color Scheming posts?
I've had a few requests for another one,
but I wanted to ask what everyone thought first.
If I do another one, I'd let you choose the colors.

(Anthropologie A Separate Space skirt, J.Crew tuxedo blouse, Candie's Pumps, Nine&Co. bag)


  1. LOVE LOVE the shoes! I was just out looking for red ones today :)

  2. I LOVED the color scheming post! More please!

  3. Love the shoes and the color scheming posts. :)

  4. I enjoyed your Color Scheming posts Kristina. As well as that, I love your "anthrpologizing {insert cheapo store here}" posts - they're always a joy.
    Your outfit is sublime!

  5. Yes, more color scheming posts please! :)

  6. I am impressed with the color scheming post and it led me to follow you. Also love your outfit!

  7. Hey Kristina!
    I love your outfit! Not sure what your talking about with the color scheme, but I like your backgrounds!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. I love the red pumps with this outfit. Such fun pops of color. I also really enjoyed the color scheming posts...however, any colors are good for me. I just enjoy the ideas or mixing & matching as I tend forget that I actually have options! :)

  9. More color scheming, please, please; your last one will guide my next business trip next week, plus your color wheel guidance impacted my choice of colors for a new office chair. Thank you so much!

  10. I love this outfit!!! The shoes make it :-)

    Loved you color scheming post! I'd love to see some scheming with some orange in the mix :-)

  11. your top is gorgeous!! I like the combination with red shoes it makes the look perfect.

    Im following ... kisses.


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