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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yup. I've always wanted to say that.
The most exciting thing about this trip is that I kidnapped Studhubs (no really, he had NO idea) and flew him to California for some much needed R&R. You should have seen his face when I woke him up at 3:30 AM and told him "You gotta get up. We've got a plane to catch." Priceless.
So that's where I am. 

In the meantime, since I'm obviously not refashioning this week here are some links to a few DIY style projects featured on Kristina J....if you're looking for some fresh ideas. 


  1. Have a great time in San Francisco! :o) What a fun idea to make it a surprise!

  2. Enjoy your holidays!

    As a side note, your lovely and inspiring blog has received an award! If you are interested, come and check my blog, please. See you there, cheers!

  3. How awesome that you surprised te hubs like that! If my husband did that to me I might freak out about not being prepared in terms of packing though. You know what I mean? haha. Enjoy California!

  4. What a great surprise! Enjoy your vacay. We'll see yo when you get back (^_^)

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  6. I am a lifelong San Franciscan, so if you are ever out this way again, I can give you some "off the beaten path" tips! Hope you had a fabulous vacation.


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