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Thursday, August 28, 2014

how to make diy cement garden spheres via Kristina J bloghow to make diy cement garden spheres via Kristina J blog

There was complete geekage going on when I first saw these garden balls from Restoration Hardware. I knew I definitely had to have some in my flower bed, but there was no way in this universe I was gonna spend $400 for a stone ball (that much money could cover LOTS of shoes, ladies!). A $4 dollar bag of concrete, two light globes from Habitat for Humanity and a son who loves to have a legitimate excuse to swing a hammer at something was all it took to make my cement garden sphere dreams come true.  And they're such an eye-catcher! Anyone who comes to our home for the first time loves to comment on the unique cement balls sitting pretty with our flowers. 

--a 60 pound bag of Quikrete for globes that are 8-10 inches round. You'll need more for larger globes.
--large light globes
--bucket for mixing the concrete
--plastic garbage bag or box

how to make diy cement garden spheres via Kristina J blog

1.  Remove globes from light fixtures if necessary. 
2.  Pour concrete mix into large bucket and add specified amount of water. I had to add a little more to mine.
3.  Stir concrete mix together until it has the consistency of creamy peanut butter. Stir fast, 'cuz this stuff sets up quick!
4.  Scoop concrete into globe until mix has crested the round ball portion of the globe.

how to make diy cement garden spheres via Kristina J blog

5.  Let globe sit for at least 48 hours, then place inside a box or bag and use a hammer to gently crack the glass globe.
6.  Keep chipping the glass away from the concrete ball until all glass is removed from ball.
7.  Clean ball with power sprayer. Ball will look dark brown at first, but after a couple days in the sun, it lightens to the pretty white color seen in the picture below. DONE.

how to make diy garden balls via Kristina J blog

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  1. What a clever idea, Kristina! Those look amazing. This tutorial series is fun. :)

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  3. Great idea! If you spray the inside of the globe with oil it will release easily

  4. Awesome idea with the glass globe! Thanks so much .


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