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Thursday, September 4, 2014

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You may or may not remember my refashion challenge to myself a few weeks ago. My goal was to create fashion pieces that will transition into fall using discarded pieces from my summer wardrobe. This project is inspired from #4 above and was created from a worn-too-much-and-tired-of t-shirt from J.Crew along with a torn sundress from the clearance rack at LOFT.  I love bib-front tops and decided to highlight the bib on my top by outlining it with the fabric from the maxi dress, which hopefully brings it all together into one cohesive maxi dress (if doesn't, I'm wearing it anyway!). Either way, the end result is a comfy dress that can be layered over as the weather gets chillier. Goal: ACHIEVED

how to refashion a t-shirt into a maxi dress via Krsitina J blog
how to refashion a maxi dress
how to refashion a sundress to be modest via Kristina j blog

1.   Fold the dress over so 1/4 inch remains above stitching line. Pin into place on right side of shirt, stretching to fit.
2.   Topstitch the two pieces together to attach, slightly stretching as you sew.
3.   Trim excess shirt fabric away from waist seam. 
4.   Press.

how to make a bib front maxi dress via Kristina J blog tutorial

5.   Cut a strip of un-used sundress fabric 1 inch wide. Press in half and pin to edge of bodice bib with raw edges facing to outside. 
6.   Top-stitch along center to attach to dress. Repeat along other side and across bottom.

how to shorten t-shirt sleeves into rolled sleeves via Kristina J blog

7.   To create the rolled sleeve look, cut existing sleeve 3-4 inches longer than you want the final sleeve.
8.   Roll up one inch wide to the length you want. Use needle and thread to tack underneath to keep roll in place. DONE.

how to refashion a sundress to be modest via Kristina J blog how to refashion a sundress via Kristina J blog
how to refashion a sundress to be modest via Kristina J blog

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  1. I love what you did with the Maxi and I'm totally inspired. Of course I have none of your talent but maybe I can see if my local tailor can help me recreate the look.


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